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Ahead of his return to Lavo, I had the chance to sit down with industry legend Maurizio Colella, better known as EDX, to talk about his writing process, where he pulls inspiration from, and his new single “Adore Me.”

Sitting in the lobby of his hotel, EDX is joined by lifelong friend, Luis, and manager, Daniel. As I approach, they joke in Swiss and are laughing at Luis as he processes the array of people in New York – it’s his first time in the city.  I congratulate EDX on the success of his new single and we dive right in.

EDX discovered the vocal for “Adore Me” me on a sample pack and was intrigued. After playing with the clip he decided a slowed down, pitched up version was the way to go to produce the sexy lounge club track it now is. He produced the song while vacationing with his family in Singapore, Indonesia, and Bali. During his time in Bali EDX found inspiration for new tracks and in Indonesia he played a New Year’s Eve set.

When asked about where EDX produces most of his music, he talks about the studio space him and his partner built in Nashville and how he tries to get out there as much as possible. When it comes to his preference in producing, he loves to produce remixes because he usually gets inspiration from a vocal and builds his sound around it. Reminiscing on his hit remix of “Angel on My Shoulder” by Kaskade, EDX says he knew he had solidified a place in the American market with the track’s success.

A lot has changed in the world and dance music industry since 2008 when “Angel on My Shoulder” was first produced. EDX attributes the culture shifts that propelled dance music’s modern success to social media and streaming services.

“You used to need money to access music, $2 a track, $10 an album, have a credit card to purchase an event ticket, then to get in to the club you have to be of age, and be lucky enough to live in an area where artists visit. Now with streaming services, people of all ages from all over the world have access to Spotify, Pandora, and even better, the live streams from festivals all over the world. No longer do they need to be of age or have the money to access the music, they can just log on to YouTube and live stream Tomorrowland from their bedroom anywhere in the world.” – EDX

EDX says that this global expansion of dance music has allowed him to go to places that he has never heard of and that it is a joy to hear from fans how much his music means to them. When asked what superpower he would pick, he simply stated the ability to have people to be peaceful with each other.

Be sure to check out “Adore Me” and keep an eye out for new music set to be ready for EDX’s No Xcuses showcase at Miami Music Week.


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