Circoloco’s Return For Halloween Was Another Success for Teksupport!


Circoloco was back once again for their annual Halloween party! Taking place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Ticket holders were already expecting a killer night with a lineup including Honey Dijon, Seth Troxler, William Djoko, Jasper James, &Me, Rampa and Bambounou. The lineup did not disappoint.
Bambounou, William Djoko and Jasper James kicked off the night, having the crowd totally entranced under their mesmerizing beats. Honey Dijon’s energy is unmatched and had the crowd bursting with her incredible stage presence. There is just something about Honey and her sets that always seem to turn any event into an experience. That woman will not stop. A particular highlight was when she began to play a mix of Madonna’s “Vogue” which had the whole crowd going off.

I really appreciated that Teksupport moved to a new venue in the Brooklyn Navy Yard this year to accommodate the demand because it made the night so much more fun and accessible. For one, I appreciated having service at this location which came in handy when trying to meet up with friends. I appreciated the layout and how feasible it was to step outside and take a quick breather or bathroom break and still able to re-enter through the front of the venue.
For the remainder of the night, my friends and I held it down towards the front enjoying the sweet sounds of Seth Troxler. Seth’s talent truly shines when he mixes and flows between genres which keeps the crowd on their feet. Finally &Me and Rampa helped close out the night, or should I say morning (it was 7am) and unfortunately the end of this spooky spectacular night had come to an end. We had a blast and I know for sure I will be back for it again next year!

Check out the gallery below for a sweet recap of the night.











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