Lost Frequencies – New Album and Live Tour


Lost Frequencies’ second album “Alive and Feeling Fine” pulls on the heart strings of the human condition. Love, despair, hope, desire, and loss are all equally represented in this collection of deep house and down tempo beats. A few of my favorite tracks are…

  • Sun is Shining – This track starts with deep vocals channeling a somber sound – then with the drop at 0:47 the sound picks up with joyful snares and percussion. As the first song on the album, this tune sets the mood, which is fitting as the album’s name is pulled from these lyrics.
  • Lost Like Us – Soft voices bring you into a track about radical inclusion and understanding. “Lost Like Us” taps into the human need for acceptance, reminding me of the feeling you find in the middle of a crowd at a festival with the beats booming straight into your heart, surrounded by thousands of people all immersed in the same moment, under the same sky.
  • Melody – The drop at 0:56 may be my favorite of the entire album.

The album rounds out these original tracks with some incredible remixes. The complete album is 23 songs long, including Tomorrowland edits, and esteemed remixes of tracks from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Estelle & Kanye West, and The Rasmus. The result is a fully-fledged masterpiece that highlights the Belgian superstar’s production prowess in full.

This album was created with the new Lost Frequencies Live tour in mind, which will see Felix take the stage alongside a band and vocalist. The tour is much anticipated by his fans all over the U.S. and comes to Brooklyn Steel on October 26th. You can grab your tickets here.



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