Review: The BPM Festival Portugal 2019


The BPM Festival Portugal 2019
September 12-15, 2019
Praia da Rocha Portimăo‎, Portugal

They say all good things come to an end, and The BPM Festival Portugal 2019 went down in history. The best moments will stay in our minds and we are happy to relive it for you!

For 3 years The BPM Festival got a new home, namely Portugal. The idea of the festival is very special because during the 4-day event, all visitors got to see techno’s biggest DJs playing on beachside stages, in clubs and in music venues spread over the host town. Guests had the opportunity to see their favorite artists across the city at various locations.

The BPM Festival is deeply rooted in music, the people and it’s atmosphere. There you will not find extended zones with lots of free time activities like at other festivals, which are sometimes unrelated to the event, but only aware techno fans creating a big techno family and celebrating music.

Our journey with The BPM Festival started at the first day of Festival on Thursday, September 12th. The weather was perfect so just after the arrival we decided to enter the party. NoSoloÁgua was the first place we visited – a pretty big beach club with a VIP swimming pool area and, most importantly, access to the beach! Though it was quite early, the first BPM visitors still turned up on the dance floor. Perfect venue, great music and sun – what more do you need?

NoSoloÁgua was not only one beach club at the festival. The next place, which we visited the same day was called Blanco Beach Club. The beautiful club, also featured a swimming pool area and jacuzzi zones for the VIP guests, all created in a modern white style. A perfect place to spend a time with friends!

Both venues weren’t big, but you could dance and move without a problem and find where you needed to go very quickly and easily. The organizers of the event did a good job because the clubs were located near to each other and offered the best parties. There offered daily showcases featuring some of the scene’s most respected names – from record labels to well known promoters and brands, usually from 2pm till 5 pm. So if you prefer to party during the day – it was the perfect option to dance in the sunshine.

We have visited NoSoloÁgua and Blanco Beach Club in turns following our favorite artists. The hardest decision we had to make was choosing which artist to see, because the line-up included a lot of big names for this music genre.


We remembered very well daily showcases like Paradise, Desolat Seran Bendecidos, Yaah Muul oraz Neopop & Brunch Lisboa.

Paradise, took place on Thursday, 12th September, at Blanco Beach Club presented names like: Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, Alan Fritzpatrick, Sonja Moonear or Dyed Soundorom. The last one is part of the music trio Appollonia, who were playing together in the 3rd day of the festival. But that night Dyed Soundorom showcased his solo skills. Our favorite was Jamie Jones, well known DJ and Producer, Hot Creations label boss, and founder and curator of the Paradise global event series, who played warmer, more melodic techno. Also Alan Fritzpatrick killed his set and used vocal from the deep house’s track Hallelujah Anyway by Candi Staton. We were very surprised by the selection but in the best way possible!

Friday was dedicated to Loco Dice, who played B2B with Marco Carola during Desolat Serán Bendecidos showcase at NoSoloÁgua. The both artists are occupying leading positions in the world of the techno music scene and showi up at the biggest events. Marco Carola alone has been a resident of MUSIC ON in Ibiza for years. In short – these were the real legends!

NoSoloÁgua became our favorite place, that’s why we visited the club also on Saturday and took part of the Yaah Muul showcase with Nicole Moudaber, Dubfire, Apollonia, Carlo Lio and many more. Nicole Moudaber is one of the few female representatives, working with the BPM Festival for years. The best moment during this year’s edition was when she played the immortal trance track Universal Nation by Push and quoting her words: “BPM is freedom. Being in the sun, celebrating music”, which has been the best way we can think of to define the festival.


The last day of BPM Portugal came and we were ready for Neopop & Brunch Lisboa showcase. NoSoloÁgua saw the best DJs and producers like: Stephan Bodzin, Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier and Swiss duo Adriatique – the most highly anticipated artists this evening. Was it a coinicidence that they both had the names Adrian? Did it influence the name of group? For sure! They started their career together in 2009. Undoubtedly, the best moment was when he dropped Back to Earth by Yves Deruyter. In a split second the crowd went wild!

The festival was divided into daily and night events. Nightly showcases included 3 clubs, located close to city center like: Katedral, Oceans Club and Villa Mariazinha. Intimate but very popular places, where the parties started in the late evening.


After 4 epic days of the festival we can say honestly that we spent a great time in Portimăo‎. We really liked the form of beach parties and among BPM members we saw a lot of original dancers and unique festival outfits. Everyone represented their own style and perfectly fit in the festival atmosphere.

All good things come to an end! It was pleasure for us – EDMNYC Team – to be a part of the third BPM Festival’s edition. We’re recommending this event to all techno and house lovers and invite you for the next upcoming events! Give us some feedback if you also attended the festival or are heading to one soon!


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Review: Monika Kolodziej
Photos: Gemma Parker Photography and Rob Jones


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