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We all know Morgan Page from his chart-topping singles and legendary big room sets, but when we had the chance to talk with Morgan before his set at Marquee New York set we learned a bit more! Did you know…

  • Morgan’s new track “Footprints” drops, today, September 13th! When working with Haliene, Morgan said he wanted to take her well-known ethereal, trance voice and use it on a progressive house track inspired by Kaskade circa 2008.
  • Morgan Page is his real name, but he does have an alias project in the works with an underground Tech House sound. He has been working with a “mysterious” spoken word poet for vocals and wouldn’t tell us the name of the alias as he wants fans to discover the music for themselves.
  • He’s a dad to a beautiful baby girl named Bae. While she isn’t old enough to produce, she knows how to pull the faders and loves playing with the CDJs “because of all the lights.”
  • He loves wine and wants to one day produce his own. His love of wine has led him to learn about sustainable farming methods like bio-dynamic farming and regenerative agriculture.
  • He’s also very conscientious of his environmental impact and is a big proponent of the Impossible Burger.
  • Elon Musk is one of his biggest fans. One day, as Morgan was charging his car at the Tesla design center, he noticed Elon nearby. Elon expressed how much he enjoyed Morgan’s radio show, “In the Air” on SiriusXM, and since then Morgan has created tracks for Space X projects, played Elon’s Burning Man camp, and performed at private parties at the Musk household.
  • If Morgan had a super power, it would be to not get carsick or to fly.
  • His favorite type of shows to play are outdoor venues with Burning Man topping the list.
  • He travels solo most of the time and rarely brings an entourage with him.
  • Morgan’s Deadmau5 remixed track “The Longest Road,” was nominated for a Grammy in 2009.
  • He grew up in Vermont and used to work at record labels in New York City as a kid.
  • Morgan would rather explore the depths of the ocean than deep space.
  • His spirit animal would be a golden retriever!

Don’t forget to check out “Footprints” out now!


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