New Track Alert: DJ El Mo3 – “Gas Mask”


Morgan Greenburger, better known as DJ El Mo3, is a New York based sober DJ and producer.  While adopting a sober lifestyle, ElMo3 found his passion in music, creating a natural high that connects him to something deeper than he ever imagined.  He describes being one with the music as his purpose and is excited to share this special connection with the rest of the world.

With the release of his third single this week, “Gas Mask,” El Mo3 shows his range in producing a captivating, high-energy track for big-room dance music. His first two singles, “Compassion” and “Destiny” gravitated more towards deep house lovers, but the transition to “Gas Mask” has been an exciting development.  The inspiration behind the hard-hitting track is in line with his goal of one day performing in front of thousands of fans.  Musical influences include the likes of Gareth Emery, Benny Benassi, Black Coffee, among others, and El Mo3 is super passionate and excited to see what productions, collaborations, and releases lie ahead for him!

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