Zack Martino: New York’s Rising Star


It’s Wednesday, April 8th, and as I walk into the Armada offices I am greeted by a room filled with people there to speak with Zack Martino about his new single, ‘Mood.’ One look at Zack and you can see a bright, young, producer filled to the brim with hits just waiting to be made, and now with Armada Records backing him, he has the means to do so.

Sitting down with Zack I learned that while growing up with anxiety and an insatiable craving to create music he and his mom decided home school was the best option. With his time free to create, he hustled, promoting for legendary NY nightclubs, like Patcha, and in return he would be able to spin. After a three-year hiatus from playing the clubs, Zack returned to music and released ‘Journey’ with ANG. In a serendipitous moment, the organizers of the Electric Oasis festival heard the track and reached out to Zack about not only playing at the festival but having the track be the anthem for the festival that year!

Since then, Zack has been putting out chart-topping remixes and hit singles, like my personal favorite ‘Hold On to Me,’ which he released in 2017. Now with ‘Mood’ taking the shuffling community by storm Zack has an exciting summer ahead of him. Check out the full interview to see what Zack has been up to lately.


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