Trance, Dinosaurs, and Dave Winnel


What does Dave Winnel want listeners to get out of his new EP, ‘Lily Of The Valley (The Journey)’? He says, “I truly hope that listeners will be taken away completely when they press play on the EP or drop the needle on the first groove.” Then he adds, “Don’t think about anything; just let it take you on a journey that will hopefully result in pure happiness.”

Let me tell you, he does not disappoint. When I first started listening to the EP this past Friday, it was a rainy day in New York City, I was on a road trip, and these beats were the perfect soundtrack to my morning.

While inadvertently listening to the EP in reverse (LOL oops!) I was placed in a headspace where I could imagine fairies flitting around my car and various magical creatures hiding in the trees on the side of the road just out of sight.

I started with ‘Brain Bug,’ which does a great job of setting the scene with its intro vocals. Then the ethereal tones on ‘Hyperloop’ at 2:18 kept me in the head space. ‘Ksamil’ was a bit more uplifting and a nice change of pace.

As for the title track, ‘Lily of The Valley,’ I recently learned that the original idea for this 2019 EP came to life in 2014 when Dave had been working on a different track, ‘The Great Valley,’ named after the dinosaur utopia from the 1988 animated film ‘The Land Before Time.’ Now, when I hear ‘Lily of The Valley,’ all I can think about are dinosaurs and how a remix with sound clips from the movie would awesome.

Congratulations to Dave on an amazing EP!


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