Get Lost, Returning For It’s 14th Edition Was The Go-To Event During Miami Music Week


There’s always that one big event that we look forward to every year right before our annual trip to Miami every March. Although Miami Music Week revolves around Ultra Music Festival, there are plenty of day and night events that can keep you entertained without having to fork over $500+ on a 3 day ticket. From Wednesday to Sunday, you will spend every waking moment dancing and neglecting your sleep more than ever. You go through a set of emotions of being either hungry, tired, needing a shower, losing your voice and while there is great dance music in every directions you turn, sometimes you just want to Get Lost.

Damian Lazarus has taken note of the potential and explored the opportunities to create something memorable during Miami Music Week. Get Lost returned to Lemon City Studios in Miami’s Little River neighborhood on March 30th for a solid 24 hours of dance music where artist and electronic fans alike can come to forget themselves and find the soul in the music. This open-air party with its’ signature bohemian aesthetic of sprawled out couches, art installations, tropical plant decorations, and carefully curated theme stages created such a mood that goes to show how much Lazarus spared no expense.

We arrived at around 7 am to catch the ending of the Wizardry opening set. The supernatural trio, Damian Lazarus, DJ Tennis, and DJ Three have brought their afterhours sessions to North America’s temple of underground music for over a decade. The Theia stage located inside one of the small warehouse rooms was the only stage open at the time. We barely made it inside as it was already crowded and humid. The crowd unanimously lit up and roared as soon as the O’Gutta Mix of Kenny Dope’s “Be Your Freak” started playing. The room which was entirely lit up with red lights along with the ambiance turned Lemon City Studios into a mysterious playground to be absorbed in.

Having never attended Get Lost, I was curious to venture off to the rest of the venue. We noticed that there were 3 other stages but none of them were opened and were still being set up. We saw a woman selling “Get Lost” inscribed coconuts which I thought was brilliant given how early it was. There was a tented area with people sitting on the floor so I asked my friend if she wanted to chill out for a little. As soon as we walk in, the sound turns on and Desert Hearts starts playing at the Lemuria Stage. I am a huge fan and at the time, I had no idea of the set times so I thought this was fate and it truly made my entire morning.

“House, techno, and love” is quite possibly one of my favorite taglines that these boys live by and what I love about this group. Each member has their own physical aesthetic that makes it easy to tell them apart. Top hat wearing leader, Mikey Lion prefers more of the energetic, celebratory house sound, while Marbs is widely known for his very deep, dark, techno oriented selections. Once you add in Lee Reynolds’ whose electric sound and daft personality make for a stand out performance, you get a combination of absolute madness even at 8am. Alberto Ruiz’ remix of Pig & Dan’s “Saturn Storm” really got the crowd going. Unexpectedly, Marbs tested out a collaboration with Rinzen and Evan Casey which is currently untitled.

The scene was surreal as the day followed with sights at every turn around the compound. At around 11am, the outside stage, Garden of Eden which was nestled in a corner, had set motion and shook off the morning chill as Doc Martin got on and played into the early afternoon. By this time, more people had arrived but the venue was far more spread out with its new openings than when we first arrived. Get Lost was a perfect reunion to reconnect with friends that I usually don’t get to see in New York. By 2pm, the second outside stage called Mu, had opened and Atish joined the party with his deep melodies and bumpy bass lines. Other memorable acts were, Danny Tenaglia, special guest Black Coffee, Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber, Jonas Rathsman, Cassy, Diplo, Dubfire, and Dennis Ferrer.

I always appreciate a thought out venue. For a 24 hour journey, one would expect all of their needs to be taken into consideration in order to stay longer and make the most out of their time. I can surely say that Get Lost fulfilled. It was easy to “get lost” amidst the four unique stages, each with its own vibe, and lineup. This event has quickly been added to my event circuit during Miami Music Week and I cannot wait to come back next year. Thank you to Damian Lazarus and the entire Crosstown Rebels crew for putting on a sick event and taking me out of the UMF fomo.

Take a look at more pictures below.

Photography: Malak Kdiry @k_deery


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