REVIEW: Green Velvet 7 hour OTC 12/30


Are you ready to go down to La La Land? It definitely seem liked NYC was ready
when Green Velvet played a 7 hour OTC set at 99 Scott Ave on December 30th , 2018.
And wow, what a way to close out an amazing year! You could have sworn it was St.
Patrick’s Day with the amount of green shirts, green glow sticks and green hair in
the crowd but those who have been to a Green Velvet set know that’s just a regular
night at his shows.

99 Scott Ave is an awesome new venue in Brooklyn because you feel like you’re
almost entering a secret off the grid warehouse as you enter down a dead –end
street and walk down a long underground hallway until you finally ascend up the
stairs and walk right into the party. I arrived shortly before 1 am and already 2
hours in, the crowd was well into feeling Velvet’s funky techno vibes.

I walked into Green Velvet playing his smash hit collab with Chris Lake “Deceiver”
and immediately ran into the crowd and started dancing. Some other tracks Green
Velvet played included his classics “Flash,” with Patrick Topping
“Voicemail,” “Shake and Pop,” and his other collab with Russoul “Millie Vanillie.” He
even gave a little shout out to his close pal Claude Vonstroke, who they tour together
as Get Real, with Claude’s banging track “Walay (My Bae).” That track really had the
crowd going wild.

It’s amazing how quick the night went by because all of a sudden it was 6 am and
time for the party to end but he couldn’t end the night of course without dropping his
fan favorite “Percolator.” The fact that the entire crowd had no idea the time had
come to say goodbye shows you how good Green Velvet can throw a party! Even
Green Velvet himself was shocked that his time was up because he kept signaling that he wanted to keep the party going but unfortunately the venue wouldn’t let him. But luckily we
live in NYC and know that Green Velvet will always be back to make us dance.


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