Gareth Emery OpenXClose Concept @ Brooklyn Hangar NYE


This New Year’s Eve, Gaz will be in New York City to launch a brand-new concept – OpenXClose.

Laserface has been an incredible journey, and one that Gareth will be continuing. But one question he was often asked was this: what about the long sets? The journeys? The ones where he plays for 6-7 hours, starting with an empty room and ambient music, taking it right through to the curfew?

Those epic sets were you hear every Gareth Emery track you ever wanted. Where he is his own opener, headliner, and closer. And where you end up Shazaming half the set because he’s dug deep, done his homework, and brought out every gem he ever produced and mixed after 15 years of doing this.

Now, Laserface doesn’t work for long sets. With every song requiring lasers, lights and visuals being individually programmed, even two hours is a stretch. Plus, frankly, it would be a bit much to deal with that level of mayhem all night.

But Gareth missed the long sets. His 2015 tour where he did 15 all night sets was one of his favorite tours ever.
So, they’re coming back. Meet OpenXClose.

It’s a series of night which starts in 2019, where Gareth will be playing some of his favorite cities in the world for the longest possible time. From the moment doors open to the moment the security haul me off stage.

They won’t be glossy. And they won’t be for the ‘gram. These will be gritty, Warehouse raves and proper clubs, where it’s all about the music.

And where better to start than BROOKLYN New York, on New Year’s F*cking Eve?

Grimy Warehouse? Check ✅
Seven hour set? Check ✅
Some amazing artists joining me during the night? Check ✅

This is OpenXClose and we start in New York this New Year’s Eve


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