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Montreal is well known for its summer festivals, and among them is an electronic dance music gem that we were lucky enough to attend in July.  AIM (Art-Innovation-Movement) Experience is a three day camping event with acts from almost every dance music genre, as well as interactive art and workshops.  With an impressive lineup and a pledge to support three charitable organizations, this festival has certainly blossomed in its fourth year.  The location of the festival is the historic Parc Carillon, which is almost an hour away from downtown Montreal, making it slightly difficult to locate for an out-of-towner.  I would say overall that more detailed guidance to the festival site would be the only area the festival could improve upon.  Once we did arrive however, the event staff was efficient and friendly, and the energy of the festival itself left me eager to return next year.

EDMNYC Representatives Lindsay Butter and David Guzman in front of the AIM block letters

The grounds were very easy to navigate and the first stage upon entry, playfully dubbed “Monolith,” was essentially decks set up within eighteen huge monoliths constructed as a memorial for an historic battle in 1660. The Monolith stage hosted house heavy hitters such as Roger Sanchez, Amine Edge & Dance, and the beautiful Ultra Naté.  The entire event boasts a total of five stages (six if you count the whimsical setup for All Day I Dream) that all had an incredibly intimate and unique feel.  Most of our time however, was spent at the Trance Arena stage celebrating my favorite genre.

Ultra Naté playing for a large crowd of House fans at Monolith.

The first night was a blast partying with Ben Gold during his 6 hour set.  The slew of red onstage lasers was compelling and created the illusion of a force field around the DJ, making it hard to focus your attention anywhere else.  The next day we had a stacked line up ahead of us.  As the sun slowly set around Ruben De Ronde, the night started to heat up.  Primetime performances by David Gravell and Orjan Nilsen really got everyone going crazy, and what festival wouldn’t be blessed to hear the angelic voice of Emma Hewitt.  The uplifting sounds of Aly & Fila and Ferry Tayle rounded off the night in spectacular fashion.

We were able to sneak away to thoroughly enjoy the main Aim Stage which had a massive techno lineup. Carlo Lio, Jay Lumen, Sasha, Dubfire and Danny Tenaglia brought it home to the morning hours and kept people dancing the entire time.  We didn’t get to spend much time at the Bass Camp stage although we were able to catch some video clips from some cutting edge producers and it looked liked the energy was out of control.

David Gravell delivering an epic performance.

Sadly, we couldn’t attend the third day but seeing pictures from the All Day I Dream stage with Lee Burridge made me wish we had. Of course my love goes out to trance friends Solarstone, John O’Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottaviani who I’m sure brought massive energy to the Trance Arena with their musical diversity and experienced techniques.  This is certainly a festival that we would love to regularly attend and now that we’re more familiar with the Montréal area, we would even attend some other local music festivals as well as some of the highly regarded clubs in the area. Hopefully you will make it out to AIM Experience 2019 and after reading this you were able to get a feel for the amazing experience ahead of you!

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Written by: Lindsay Butter


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