C-Smokin’ Hot Atlantic City Beachfest


The Atlantic City Beachfest, amid previous performer issues, did not fail to deliver a solid concert with the popular and smash-making EDM duo The ChainsmokersThe Chainsmokers not only know how to write a hit song, but they also know how to knock ’em out of the park beach! Late into the afternoon, the raving sea of people mirrored the ocean as the waves danced along the shore.

It was a perfect beach day that began to heat up not only weather-wise but with the performances of Gryffin and Bozzi. The beach, which spanned at least half a dozen AC blocks, was beginning to fill up quickly as everyone anticipated The Chainsmokers appearance. The boardwalk, which flanked the side of the “venue,” was also getting packed as people began to post up on the benches and outdoor dining areas to hear the concert.

The performance itself was different than their “Memories…Do Not Open” tour in that it had less of a concert-performance style feel and instead a Vegas pool party banger. It opened with booming notes that lead into “Sick Boy” and rapidly spun through some new songs like “Everybody Hates Me.” Drew sang a lot of his songs like “Closer,” “Paris,” and a personal favorite, “Somebody“, and he sounded great considering the acoustics of an outdoor venue. Emily Warren also made an appearance, performing “Side Effects” for the first time ever. Matt McGuire, who is basically the third band member, also had a killer drum solo, and I was half expecting his drumsticks did not catch on fire, whether on purpose or by accident!

The C-Smokes do not disappoint when it comes to getting down to EDM nitty-gritty, as they mashed together songs like “Teach Me How to Dougie” and their “All We Know.” Their ability to balance pop-ier songs like “Something Just Like This,” with EDM classics like Imogen Heap‘s infamous “Hide and Seek” and Otto Know’sMillion Voices” is what keeps them so broadly entertaining for those who aren’t even huge EDM fans or those who aren’t a huge fan of the newer pop-EDM.

They had a small tribute to Avicii, touched on some Drake, tested out a new song What I Started” and “Zombies” by Bald WolvesOG EDM’ers rejoiced with songs like Enur’s “Calabria,Haddaway‘s “What is Love“and numerous bass-drops and big-room sounds.

I think it would suffice to say all 35,000 plus people did not leave unhappy. Sweaty maybe, but satisfied nonetheless.  


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