Limelght ft Alina Renae “Right Now” [Interplay Recordings]


Limelght brings listeners another golden bassline. As in the past, the producers have married soft vocals with the fabulous production we are starting to expect from the duo. “Right Now” featuring Alina Renae was just released today on Interplay Recordings, a sub-label of Armada.


The Chicago based duo, Limelght, have made a statement right out of the gate. Limelght had zero hesitation when entering the trance scene, with their very first release taken on by none other than the infamous Armada sub-label, Armind. Their first release, “Don’t Leave Me Now,” had already solidified the teams goal in getting noticed. Nick Gunn and Tanner Wilfong, otherwise known as Limelght, released “Don’t Leave Me Now” just nine short months ago, and have already secured three releases and have another one on the books as of today. From the looks of it, Armada is enjoying what they hear, with the majority of their music being released on their labels.

When we were informed that the producers would have a new release coming out in July, we patiently waited. Festival season in lock, and massive main stage worthy releases on the rise, we were pretty certain that Limelght was up to the task to stay relevant and more importantly, continue to be noticed.

As expected, fans will not be let down. The tune holds its own on every angle, and then some. The production value on anything that these two create is phenomenal, and you can hear the years of classical training right through to the end. The lyrics here keep your skin chilled while staying soft enough to accompany the production, not overpower it, as some big room works can do. To be certain, it is also not the other way around either; this production duets with Alina Renae so perfectly that if the vocals were to be dubbed it would likely sound like an entirely new piece.

The strong and characterizing build is where this song’s emotion really starts to come in and grab the audience, by the time you make it to the vocals in the extended mix the listener already feels familiar with the tune. One listen and any big room trance fan is already wishing they were in a club or better yet, on the festival grounds where this song will clearly hold any audience captive.

Limelght has certainly come on strong, and has a very decent following ready to scream their praises. By the sounds of their clean progression in production and valuable choices in vocals, this pair seems to have no intention on slowing down any time soon. Looking forward to hearing what else the producers have in store for us, and which in direction they will continue to grow.


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