Brooke Forman – Uncharted Music Video Release

Uncharted was written by Brooke Forman and her co-writer/producer Grammy Award winning, Benny Reiner (Drummer of Broadway’s “Hamilton”). The music video was shot and co-directed by Thor Wixom, who has been the Cinematographer/Steadicam Operator for artists, such as Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled,The Chainsmokers, Kendrick Lamar, G-Eazy, Cardi B, Halsey & Kanye West. Dancer Struther White, co-directed, choreographed and appeared in the video. Uncharted portrays a relationship in three parts. Starting from the evolving butterfly moments, which take a turn, unraveling the deepest and most delicate pieces one can share with another. Ending, Uncharted rings true to the heart-wrenching farewell of a relationship after it leaves you standing alone.

Written by – Brooke Forman & Benny Reiner
Producer – Benny Reiner
Director / Choreographer / Dancer – Struther White
Director / Cinematographer / Steadicam Operator – Thor Wixom
Hair – Marisa Ramirez Makeup – Kaley Victoria Rose
Styled – La Maison de Fashion

Benny and Brooke, played with color in the video to symbolize the different stages of a relationship. When it starts off, there is that happy butterfly state, so the colors are warm. The colors continue getting cool once there is distance and tension between Brooke and Struther. As they run back together to unite, it dramatically shifts back to warm until they split from the hug and Brooke pushes Struther into the sand, then the color goes back to a cool blue to represent the ending of the relationship.
Brooke says “I wanted to try something that pushed me out of my comfort zone to make me feel vulnerable because that is the raw state of emotion that is happening in the song. For me, that was dance, something that I have never done before, but wanted to travel to a place creatively that was Uncharted territory just like the lyrics of the song. I was a bit nervous to attempt something so unfamiliar, but for me, the most important thing was not about being the best dancer, but to tell the truth of the story the song represents through movement alongside of an extremely beautiful contemporary dancer”.
“I wrote this record when I was at that extreme point of vulnerability when in love. I was too afraid to say those words out loud to him so my way of communicating it was by writing this song. The lyrics “to be loyal, yet to be free” pretty much sums me up as a person. I love to love, I am extremely loyal like a lion, but in that I need someone who trusts and understands my nomadic need to roam free. I gave him the song with hand written lyrics on paper, put it on his bed with a pair of headphones and candles lit in the room, as my way of saying “I love you.” He broke up with me the next day and although he left as my ex, I was left with the birth of this song “Uncharted”.



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