Ultra Music Festival 2018 DAY 2 – Review


Our Ultra Music Festival day 2 started off easier than the first day – we didn’t have to pick up our wristbands, we knew the way to all stages, security got a little more familiar with the crowd and we knew exactly where to find WiFi and of course food!

Our social media adventure started off with LA-based DJ’s Matthew, Trevor and Kevin aka Cheat Codes – well known for their singles ‘Sex’ and ‘No Promises’ with Demi Lovato. We saw these guys in action for the first time in August 2016 when they opened for Markus Schulz in Atlantic City, NJ; so we we’re excited to see how much progress these guys made and how they ended up at ‘Ultra Mainstage’!

Starting off with their hits ‘Feels Great’ with Fetty Wap and ‘No Promises’ they immediately had the crowd dancing; Demi Lovato‘s voice had people walking from all different stages towards ‘Mainstage’ to see the fireworks and admire the pyrotechnics. Girls, boys, men, women, ravers, non-ravers, business men and industry people; everybody was dancing and jumping around in the sun. The vibe was relaxed, the set was great and the guys threw in all their energy and this was very contagious.

After Cheat Codes we stayed at ‘Mainstage’ to see what Fedde le Grand, one of the best electro and progressive house producers around, had in store for his Ultra set. Fedde threw it down like he he owned that stage – famous hits and some new music that we recognized from his set at Spinnin’ Hotel; we can’t wait for this to get released. Dancers went wild, everybody was having the time of their life.

After Fedde le Grand we hopped over to ‘Ultra Worldwide’ to watch Nora En Pure play her set. The dance floor was completely filled, but we still decided to fight our way through the crowd since this is way more fun then taking the press short cuts, because we get to see all of you screaming and making insane moves! Running into some of our friends of team Nora we had the opportunity to get you guys these insane video’s of Nora in the middle of her set throwing in her hit ‘Come With Me’;

Nora En Pure with a full dance floor at ‘Ultra Worldwide stage’

Posted by EDM NYC on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Nora En Pure on absolute fire at Ultra Music Festival

Posted by EDM NYC on Saturday, March 24, 2018

After Nora en Pure keeping it very close to her own style with her insane deep house set we hopped over to Tiësto‘s at ‘Mainstage’  to watch some of the sickest lights we’ve seen that week!

T I E S T O 🙏🏻❤️ playing one of my new songs at Ultra with @riggiandpiros #progressivehouse @tiesto

Posted by Dzeko on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Opening his set with his famous ‘Split’ produced by himself and The Chainsmokers we immediately got the Tiësto bass deep in our bones – with his Dutch accent he asks the crowd if they’re ready to party and suddenly all flags from all country’s went up! Throwing in Dzeko‘s new track with Riggi & Piros he blasted off the walls with more new tracks, progressive house and hiphop remixes.  He made the best move ever by pulling Marshmello on stage during his track Silence which was remixed by Tiësto himself. 

Even with a mixed crowd of the old Tiësto-fans and people that are obsessed with the new course Tiësto is taking it was a crazy fun show to watch and everybody was having a blast. In the end he pulled his fiancé on stage and dedicated Ed Sheeran‘s ‘Perfect’ to her – half the audience was crying from VIP to backstage, crowd to sound people – emotions ran up high. We even got a glimpse of the old Tiësto by him playing his remix of ‘Silence’ by Sarah McLachlan.

After the show we had so much to write about, so many things to post and so many people to talk to; we decided to call it a night and get some sleep before the 12 hours of trance we would get the next day! Walking out of the festival went easy, the security was so friendly and Uber’s weren’t hard to get around the Ultra area.

Stay tuned for our day 3 review including the ‘A State Of Trance Mega structure’


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