Review – ‘Sander van Doorn presents’ at Spinnin’ Hotel MMW


As everyone is coming back to reality after Miami Music Week and the 20th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival, we’re still in awe about Sander van Doorn’s killer set Saturday March 24th, at the Spinnin’ Hotel which was held at the Nautilus hotel in Miami presented by DiskoLab. Expectations are high as the crowd has been dancing for nine hours while the upbeat prior DJ’s ran through their sets filled with progressive house, house, and trance.

Energy levels are at an all-time high the moment Sander steps on stage. He eases the audience into his deep progressive set by starting with an insanely well-articulated progressive house mix. He opens the night with ‘ID’, by D.O.D, then wastes no time to drop the ever so famous ‘Kangaroo’, which he produced with Julian Jordan. Song by song the BPM is raising along with the pulse of the crowd, you can see every sound wave hitting the devoted fans in the soul as they absorb all of the beautiful songs that they traveled the world to hear and be at this special gathering for these very moments.

No surprise that Sander van Doorn drops an all-time favorite ‘WTF’; a collaboration with HI-LO released on Oliver Heldens’ label ‘HELDEEP’ in 2016. For a moment from the DJ booth, all you could see was water filling the entire view from the fans losing their mind when the drop hit; while it looks like there must have been an underwater explosion- but there wasn’t. Just an explosion of energy in the well thought out dance moves of screaming fans that cannot help but sing along. The CO2 jets are blasting off and the lasers turn into a twilight of rotational color baths.

Sander wouldn’t be Sander if he wouldn’t have the biggest smile on his face at this moment- he knows exactly what he just did to the crowd. He gives no time after playing one of the hardest tracks of the night by pulling the heart racing fans into one of the darkest progressive house holes that could possibly exist with Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s and Kristoffer Fogelmark’s ‘More Than You Know’ remixed by Marcus Schossow. You would expect a wave of tiredness after nine straight hours and partying in the sun and water but the people just don’t stop!

The way Sander can transmit so much energy into each and every fan is incredible. As the crowd “trances” out to the smooth beats, he yet again blows the crowd away with the drop of the unreleased Purple Haze track, ‘Bergen’, to be released under ‘Armada Music’ record label on April 27, 2018. The people have no idea how to take in this new-to-the-ear song besides by going wild once again. From the looks of the audience, Sander van Doorn, all of the DJ’s and the production crew, you could say that Sander blew the hypothetical roof off of the Spinnin’ Hotel.


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