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We all know this one. True Trance legend, family man, DJ/Producer and winner of ‘ASOT Tune Of The Year’ Gareth Emery (CVNT5/Garuda Music) took over the turning tables at ASOT850 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht between 3 and 4am. 

He opened his set with a new unreleased remix of ‘Encore Une Fois‘ by Sash! from the 90’s which banged into ‘Surrender’, a song by Daruda and Ashley Wallbridge and has already been at the top of Beatport Trance since it got released under the relaunched Garuda Music; followed by his remix of Years & Years’s ‘Desire’. The crowd was dancing like it was their last day on earth. People from all over the world came out to see Gareth perform at ‘A State Of Trance. Expectations were high.

After a few seconds of silence and thousands of people whistling he slowly started his well known song ‘Bury It’ which transferred into a beautiful remix of Cirez D‘s (Eric Prydz) ‘On Off’ and ‘U’ by Gareth himself. We heard this remix at Laserface NY and together with Anthony Garcia’s lasers it was the best production we’ve ever seen. His song ‘Saving Light’ (ASOT Tune Of The Year) had even guys climb on each others shoulders and sing along as hard as they could; tears everywhere. With every sip of what it seems to be Red Bull Gareth’s beats get harder. Dropping Darude‘s ‘Sandstorm’ with a huge amount of blue and green lasers, of course it can’t compare to Laserface, but Gareth owned that moment.

Then he drops this remix of what sounds very much like the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ but with a massive amount of Psy-Trance; in the meanwhile the crowd is going absolutely crazy. Is he pulling a CVNT5? This is definitely the most energetic set of the entire night. Vibes are great. It makes us very excited about what Gareth Emery and CVNT5 will release in the next years, hopefully under his label ‘Garuda’ of course. While the crowd is singing along to ‘Dynamite‘ and mentally preparing for the next banger we’re watching the beautiful LED screens and lights do its work. Then there’s Giuseppi Ottaviani’s ‘Legacy’.

“Gareth’s energy was extremely contagious and it didn’t take him a long time to pull that last bit of energy out of the crowd. A very important thing that we noticed is that he communicates with the crowd so well and he makes every move he makes fun to watch. Out off all DJ’s headlining that night; Gareth was the one to put up the sickest most entertaining show of the night!” – Sanne Dammers and Nathaniel de Haan for

‘Electronic Malfunction’ by Ton B remixed by Paul Denton drops; purple, green and red lasers everywhere. Still not like ‘Laserface’ but it’s enjoyable to watch. ‘Long Way Home’ from his album ‘Drive’ follows and while Gareth bounces off the walls behind the turn tables the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht is covered in confetti, lasers, led lights and true Trance fans.

And then there was a time.. for a ‘Thing Called Love’; Richard Bedfords emotional voice fills the venue and Above & Beyonds beats makes thousands of people smile from ear to ear. 46 minutes into the set we finally heard the voice we wanted to hear all night; Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle On The Hill’ remixed by Ashley Wallbridge that we first heard at ‘Laserface NY’. Imagine thousands of people singing; ‘I’m on my way..’. We would love to be in Gareth’s shoes at this moment.

Of course a Gareth Emery set wouldn’t be a Gareth Emery set without his and Christina Novelli’s ‘Concrete Angel’ which was remixed by John O’ Callaghan who switched it up enough to still make people curious. After announcing the end of his set we hear ‘Lights & Thunder’ feat. Krewella remix by Darren Styles banging trough the speakers and every single Hardcore fan starts dancing out it’s little bit of last energy.

Gareth nailed ASOT. Don’t forget to get your tickets LASERFACE SAN FRANCISCO. It’s almost sold out!

video’s, pictures and coverage by Sanne Dammers and Nathaniel de Haan for EDM NYC

written by Anna Smedema


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