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you and iAs winter begins to release its icy grip on the East Coast, Noorlind and Weekend Rendition have reworked one of the year’s biggest vocals into a melodic future house smash with a bouncy bass line and a concise, quick-hitting arrangement that already has us dreaming about Miami Music Week pool parties.

Both these artists have been pushing out music for a few years now and have been making some waves. From landing tracks in Beatports Progressive Top 10 (Weekend Rendition with “Bass Player”) and having residencies Marquee & Lavo NYC (Noorlind), these two artists are definitely two you want to keep an eye on. We were lucky enough to snag an interview with these guys and chat about their remix of “You & I” which is out now! Check it out and give the remix a listen.

EDMNYC: How did you get involved in DJ’ing?

Noorlind: I’ve been playing music since I was little, but I didn’t discover DJ’ing until my senior year of high school. My buddy Sam taught me the basics on his CDJs and my first gig ever was actually my high school grad party. I was also promoting some clubs in the Meatpacking District at the time and convinced them to let me play some of the opening sets, which was a great way to get my foot in the door and cut my chops.

That summer of 2010 I went to my first real dance festival, Electric Zoo, which completely blew my mind. I will never forget that lineup… a young, then-unknown Avicii (fresh off releasing Bromance) opened one of the side stages, followed by Chuckie, Afrojack, Kaskade, Dirty South, and Axwell… right then and there, I decided that, more than anything, I wanted to be able to give people the experience these superstar DJs had just given me.

EDMNYC: Did you always want to be a DJ?

Weekend Rendition: Not always. My older brother was the one that got me hooked on dance music at a very young age. It’s pretty much always been my favorite genre. The transition from avid listener to DJ happened around 7-8 years ago when I was attending law school in Miami. I guess you can say I was looking for a hobby to clear my head for a few hours every week. I found that by DJ’ing on the weekends with my brother we were able to escape the “real life” for just a few hours and have fun doing something we both loved. That is where the concept of “Weekend Rendition” was born. Those nights DJ’ing were some of the best memories I have. Eventually I decided to take that love into the studio and pursue the art full time, and it’s been a fun ride ever since.

EDMNYC: What was the “big break” in your career?

Noorlind: I would say I’ve had two big breaks so far. The first would be landing residencies at Marquee and Lavo, which gave me the chance to observe, learn from, and perform with some of my favorite artists in a top-tier nightclub environment.

The second break – more of a literal one – was breaking into a solo career from performing as a duo about three years ago. It forced me to really consider what I found important and to develop my music production skills and my own unique identity and brand as an artist.

EDMNYC: How was it working on the track with Noorlind?

Weekend Rendition: Working with Nick (Noorlind) is always great. When we are having a good day, we can put together ideas quickly… that’s not always the easiest thing to do when you work solo. But together, we stay focused on the big picture and tend to get a lot done in one session. In the case of “You & I,” we pretty much had the whole song written in a few hours. The mix and master took a bit longer, but the meat of the project got done quickly. Nick has a lot of creativity in his blood.  When we work together it helps me push the boundaries a bit and try things I normally wouldn’t try – we have a lot more coming in 2018!

EDMNYC: What made you pick the tune “You & I?”

Noorlind: When looking for songs to remix, I’m always hunting for strong vocals that I can somehow make my own. I was a big fan of the original track, and when I came across the stems I found that the lead vocals sounded really cool pitched down a few semitones, giving it a unique vibe I really liked. I wrote the core of the track in about an hour – when an idea comes together quickly and naturally, you know you’re onto something! Michael (Weekend rendition) felt the same way when I played him the idea, and we put our heads together to finish it up that week.

EDMNYC: Who do you hope to work with in the near future?

Weekend Rendition: In the immediate future I plan on making more of a concerted effort to work with singers. I’m at the point in my music career where I’m growing a bit tired of sampling vocals.  Working with singers to produce original vocal tracks will add a different dimension to the process that I’m looking forward to.

EDMNYC: Will we be seeing you at Miami Music Week?

Weekend Rendition: Yes, we will both be attending.  It’s a big week for dance music with plenty of great opportunities to meet people in the industry.  I always encourage guys to head down for it.  Right now, I just have various networking and conference related events scheduled, but I hope to get a gig on the books as well … and since it is MMW, maybe attend a party or two.

~Meesh for EDMNYC



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