Gareth Emery vs. Haliene – Saving Light (acoustic)


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HE DID IT. THEY FINALLY DID IT! We waited for a long time for Gareth Emery to release his acoustic version of “Saving Light”, because whats the best thing ever, besides a DJ behind the turntables? A DJ BEHIND A PIANO with his vocalist right next to him of course. Many many times we have seen Gareth Emery or other DJ’s play this song and crowds usually burst out in tears or start to jump up and down. This song brings up so many emotions and from all over the world and we heard that it actually saved many lives.

To get a little bit more personal.. I can pretty much say that that was the case for me. I’m pretty sure I heard the original song at least 25 times a day since it got released. I find the video endlessly fascinating and the story behind it breaks my heart over and over again. In my opinion it also shows us something about Gareth Emery, Standerwick and Haliene as humans for releasing a track like this.

Voted “ASOS Tune Of The Year” we for sure had high expectations of the acoustic version. Well, it doesn’t disappoint at all. You would say that there would be something negative to say about this because it will never be like the original, but there just isn’t. Fan-tas-tic version this is.

Well done Gareth Emery and Haliene! For now only the facebook version, but we hope to see it on Youtube soon.


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