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Imagine a stadium full of people singing “Let’s get naked..”. We’re talking about Above & Beyond’s new song “Naked” of course. On January 27th we went to see their new show in Barclay’s center. This stadium fits 19.000 people. Try and imagine what happens when you’re surrounded by 18.999 Trance fans. Magic, euphoria and tears. Let’s talk about the highlights of this night.

After a fantastic set from Andrew Bayer all lights turned off. A wave of silence went across the stadium that lasted for about 3 minutes. A slow intro with red and magenta lights started spreading energy and when Above & Beyond jumped on stage every single overworked and tired person that came out that night realized it was all so so worth it.

They started it off very easily but with a persistent big deep bass. About 10 minutes later the first familiar song came by, “My Own Hymn” remixed by ALPHA9 (Arty). A very interesting song to remix for a DJ like ALPHA9.

After about 45 minutes they started introducing “Northern Soul” to the stadium. It’s a very emotional but uplifting song. There’s something about Richard Bedfords song that can make a 19k people sing. We heard it for the first time when Ilan Bluestone remixed it at Schimanski in New York City.

In the meanwhile a lot of magenta and red lights went trough the stadium. Mixed with some deep beats, some Progressive House and a lot of Trance they made the perfect mix between all their new songs. And then.. “We’re All We Need” happened. Zoe Johnston’s voice never disappoints.

They closed out with “Always”, their acoustic song from their new album. Also with Zoe Johnston’s voice.

Here’s the recap for who missed it:

After the show all the die-hard fans wen’t to the afterparty at Schimanski hosted by Andrew Bayer and Spencer Brown. Andrew knew exactly how to get the crowd back into that peaceful trance vibe everybody left behind in Barclays Center. He played about a 2 hour set before Spencer Brown took over with his trance mixed with techno/progressive house. He ended his set at 5am.

On Tuesday we went to meet Above & Beyond in Chelsea before the premier of their movie “Above & Beyond Acoustic: Giving up the day job”. This movie was completely acoustic. It showed us their way to the Hollywood Bowl acoustic show. Beautiful performances the orchestra, singers and of course Jono, Paavo and Tony. It’s definitely a must-see movie. Even for people that don’t necessarily like Trance.

We really recommend you to go see their “Common Ground” tour. It’s absolutely worth it!


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