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Dutch producer Gold/Shade has been steadily building success since dropping his first single “My Muse” on Spotify earlier this year. Recently he released his debut album “Halcyon” via Powerhouse, which includes 8 brand new tracks.

Starting out as one of several musical projects, the Dutch producer and DJ Fritz Nijman, released his first single as Gold/Shade in March this year. Quickly building streams on Spotify and support around the globe, the young producer dropped 6 more tracks throughout the year and gradually started building towards his debut album. Gathering over a total of 2 million streams within a few months, Gold/Shade has grown into a Spotify protégé with a one-to-watch status.

‘Halcyon’ shows productions with punchy drums, future house beats and trap influences. Highlighted by stunning tracks with catchy vocals like ‘My Muse’ and ‘Little Lies’, the record makes for a full-fledged debut. An infectious blend of electronic music and pop-flavored deliciousness, the lead single ‘Love Me’ is a song that sticks. Overall, Gold/Shade’s Halcyon characterizes itself with big-synth melodies that have listeners reeling for more.

EDMNYC: How did you get involved with DJ’ing?
Gold/Shade: A few years back I was bartending in a small HipHop bar in Amsterdam, when I saw the DJs play every night I got interested and eager to do the same. So it started with DJing for me really, afterwards I also go into producing my own music. I decided to buy Technics turntables, went digging for records and as I started practicing I fell in love with it really. Funnily enough my attention has now shifted more towards producing and creating music, but I will go back to performing after my album drops.

EDMNYC: Did you have any musical background before hand?
Gold/Shade: Not really, I never played an instrument when I was a kid or anything, but was always listening and discovering new music throughout my youth. Back in the day, I had been playing around with Reason, made some really basic hiphop type beats, but back then I had no idea it would ever be possible to do what I’m doing now with Gold/Shade. Its amazing that I am able to work with talented producers and vocalists now, and develop myself as an artist more and more, like learning to play the piano and creating new sounds.

EDMNYC: We heard you were inspired by the likes of Dr.Dre, Skrillex and Flume. Are these still big artist influencers for you today or did other talents also impact your current work? Anyone new?
Gold/Shade: Yes, 2001 will forever be an inspiration! Skrillex and Flume are still pushing music to a next level by creating their own distinctive sound. Next to electronic music, classical music is very important to me and let’s not forget Kanye! Today, Slushii is a big inspiration as well, I love the way he combines melody with, sometimes heavy, drops. However, I get inspiration from many things other then music and artists. For me movies and art can be just as inspiring.

EDMNYC: ‘My Muse’ was the single that kick started your career. Did you think this song would be your “break?”
Gold/Shade: To be honest, I never expected to be where I am today. When releasing my first track as Gold/Shade, ‘My Muse’ in March of this year I never dreamed of releasing a debut album in October. I am so blessed to be able to reach fans by putting out music I really love and wanna produce for myself, without having it being influenced by trends, or external factors like labels or booking agencies. So no I never expected this to happen, but I am excited to see how the album will be perceived and where this journey will take me next!

EDMNYC: Your debut album ‘Halcyon’ is just been released. Tell us a bit about the album?
Gold/Shade: I didn’t start making songs with an album in mind, but a few months into the project this is what we started working towards. I just kept producing so many songs from that same vibe that eventually there was no way around it really. When the label Powerhouse gave me the chance to release an album I didn’t have to think twice! It’s scary, but also super exciting to bring forward my debut album with ‘Halcyon’, and really tell more of a story towards the fans.

EDMNYC: What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?
Gold/Shade: I’m actually working on what Gold/Shade would be like in a live setting. As you know I’ve always been DJing in and around my hometown Amsterdam. As I have tried something new with this project, it allows me the opportunity to also reinvent myself as a performing artist. Because I know my way around a turntable I guess a DJ set would be likely, but I’m still exploring possibilities. I’m eager to start adding the live aspect to the music though, probably in 2018 so stay tuned.

Check out the album on Spotify.

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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