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The dutch DJ and producer Quentyn, former part of DJ duo Volt&State, has recently turned solo with his first release ‘Moving On’ feat. Robin Vane receiving massive support from Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, Hardwell and Don Diablo amongst others, which also ended up in the Viral top 50 Playlist on Spotify. With his second release, titeld ‘Home Tonight’, out today, Quentyn shows his growth from progressive house and his eagerness to develop more towards an indie house sound.

Check out our interview with him below!

EDMNYC: How did you get involved in DJ’ing?

Quentyn: Through my passion for music really. As a child I was always interested in music and out and about discovering new tunes in high school. I remember spending a lot of time as a kid, learning how to beat-match. One thing led to another and I started producing music for myself. Having travelled the world as part of DJ duo Volt&State, and seeing so many stages across the world has really been an amazing journey. Now being back in the studio, producing as a solo artist is a new step in my life and I am excited to see where this will lead.


EDMNYC: Who were DJ’s that inspired you?

Quentyn: I got hooked on dance music through the music from Switch, Herve and Crookers with their weird Jackin’ Electro sounds. The ones that really inspired me are the Swedes: Axwell, Steve Angello, Ingrosso and Eric Prydz. Specially tracks like “In The Air (Axwell Remix)” and “Sweet Disposition” (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) made a big impact!


EDMNYC: You started your worldwide career in 2012 as DJduo Volt & State. How did you two meet and link up tougher?

Quentyn: We met through Laidback Luke’s forum in 2008. We were both young producers and connected online. Martin made a remix for me, which I really liked, and that’s how we got connected. As we shared the same ideas about music we decided to make some music together and that is basically how Volt&State was born.


EDMNYC: In 2016 Volt & State announced they were parting ways? What was the reason?

Quentyn: It’s hasn’t been an easy decision to quit Volt & State, we put all our passion and some hard work in that project. I look back on my period with Volt & State with so many great memories! There wasn’t one particular reason but it was more a combination of things that made us make the decision together. We are still close friends and are talking to one another all the time, I am so happy to have had this unique experience with him, travelling the world as a DJ Duo brings you close together. Quitting the project didn’t affect our friendship!


EDMNYC: You have released tracks on multiple labels, such as Protocol Recordings, Armada Music, Spinnin Records and Revealed and are now getting ready to drop a new tune, “Home Tonight” on your own label, Enroute Records. Tell us a bit about your new tune “Home Tonight.”

Quentyn: I started with the bassline on my guitar; from there I created the chords with a simple piano sound. I wanted to make a groovy track with happy vibes, but also have some deeper emotional chords at the same time. I was happy with the way this combination came together.

My idea was to make an electronic track but still highlight the acoustic elements, and create some kind of crossover between house and band music. I wanted the song to have a bit of an unusual arrangement with only one long break instead of the common break – drop – break – drop structure. I am super happy about how this turned out to be, and I am looking forward to hearing what the world thinks!


EDMNYC: Did you prefer being a duo or do you prefer being solo?

Quentyn: I love both! Of course when DJ’ing it’s more fun to do shows together. When it comes to making music, I’m currently in a phase in my life where I prefer to take it to a more personal level, which means I’m now focusing on making music exactly how I imagine it. I am in total control, without any external influences or requests, I am able to produce music from the heart.


EDMNYC: What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Quentyn: This project is a personal journey, seeking to write the perfect melodies and expand genres, without trying to produce towards the market’s needs. Therefore I’m now releasing under my own label Enroute Records. I have two more tracks lined up to release and a bunch of unfinished ones so I’m really looking forward to release these throughout the year.


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