DJ of the Month: Dysomnia



Dysomnia Since a tender age, he has gone on to doing some amazing things, performing at various world-renowned night clubs and parties in Manhattan and Brooklyn. His first year of high school was a turning point in his life, when he began producing music and became something more than just a DJ who could mix.

He no longer wanted to just play parties in Brooklyn, but move on to the larger and more reputable clubs in Manhattan. But who would hire an under-aged kid from Brooklyn? Dysomnia came up with a plan where he would burn mix cds and stand outside all of the larger and nicer clubs in the city, just to try to give a promoter his CD for a chance to get a booked.

This eventually paid of and he got his shot at a very early age. Some of the larger promotional companies in NYC finally started to pay attention and notice Dysomnia, and this led to various performances at all the best clubs and events in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Since then he has residencies with RPM, Pacha NYC, and Marquee.

Dysomania has opened and closed for crowds of 3000+ people for some of the larger EDM acts such as Martin Garrix, Chainsmokers, and Major Lazer. That being said he manages to blend and bridge the gap between EDM and Hip Hop effortlessly as NYC is a predominantly Hip Hop influenced city.

The future for Dysomnia is extremely bright!



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