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Perspectives from two of our staff writers:                 Meesh – Above          Bliss Forest – Below 

  –   Meesh –



Majority of my time was spent at the Main Stage. Snails, straight into Seven Lions, then Galantis and a bit of DJ Snake. Snails attracted all the bass heads and he certainly gave them a bass filled set. Seven Lions set straight into Galantis’s set was a dream. Seven Lions started his set off with “Where I Won’t Be Found” ft. NÉONHÈART. The crowd erupted when the drop came of his mashup “Rush Over Me” vs. “Shatterpoint.” His set came to an end way to quickly, but everyone was ready for Galantis.

Galantis opened with the Intro Edit of “Runaway” (U&I) and once the lyrics came in the whole crowd was singing along. Their whole set was very diverse and was certainly a crowd pleaser. Everyone was excited when they dropped “Peanut Butter Jelly.”


Illenium, Tritonal, Tchami, Zedd, A&B were the favorites of today.

Illenium opened strong remixing “Disarm You” by Kaskade “Don’t Let Me Down” by, The Chainsmokers and “Afterlife.” It was one of my favorite openings to a set. Right after he played his brand new track “Crawl Outta Love,” and brought out a pianist to play live, he then played his unreleased track “Where’d U Go,” which is coming out on his album. Talk about all the feels!

Tritonal’s set was fiery and energetic and Tchami’s set was the “World To Me.” As the heavens opened up and the rain came down, the crowd was not distracted from being captivated by Tchami’s future house style.



Zedd is always a crowd favorite so it was no shock that the place was packed even though it was really raining at this point. The crowd roared when he opened his set with “Beautiful Now.” People were even willing to sacrifice their phones to the rain trying to capture a video of his opening. We hope all phones made it out alive.




If you did not catch The Black Madonna at the Elrow curated stage at Hilltop on Sunday, you missed out big time. Redecorated as a Bollywood theme, this stage was full of energy. At one point during her set, mass amounts of inflatables were thrown into the crowd. From large palm trees to small strawberries and green aliens, people went wild to gather them.

Riverside is where I spent the rest of my time listening to Sub Focus, Slushi and Jauz. Sub Focus absolutely crushed his set. This drum and bass master brought back some of the greatest tunes within his set. “Mr. happy” and “Timewarp” were amongst them.



Slushi and Jauz also had great sets over at Riverside. At the end of Slushi’s set, closing with his “Closer” remix and “I Still Recall” with live vocals, he brought out birthday boy Jauz and the whole crowd proceeded to sing happy birthday.

As Jauz took the stage to being his set, he brought Slushi back out, along with Crankdat, to help introduce their collaboration together, “I Hold Still.” As his set goes on a zoo attendee is seen dancing around the stage with a flamingo strapped to a whale.


        –    Bliss   –

As I recently found myself at Electric Zoo for my 6th year, I’ve certainly noticed a big change in myself, EDM culture as a whole, and what the scene’s biggest artists create for their current audience.


While I’ve swapped out my fluffy tutus and kandi for a strictly all-black wardrobe, I did notice how festival attire has moved in a positive direction that somehow feels more inclusive to the festival as a whole. Of course there will always be sparkly kandi kids (secret: sometimes I miss being one of them), and I really believe that festivals will always be one of the best places to express the individuality and flair that we often hold back. But this year more than other years, I really noticed a greater theme of genuine acceptance within the crowd.


EZOO’s mapping has been the same every year I’ve been there, which I love, because there’s truly a sense of coming home and picking up where I left off in the previous year. Of course the major change that I noticed was that the tech house / techno stage had moved to Hilltop and was much more accessible than in the past.


Noteworthy sets:

Sasha & John Digweed

This wasn’t my first time seeing this duo play, but they’re two amazingly talented artists who deserve the large amount of respect they have earned over their careers. For new (and seasoned) producers and DJs, this is a duo you can really learn a lot from by listening to them play. I don’t have a tracklist for this set, but this style is really measured by mood, and I enjoyed every minute of it. If it gets posted, its definitely worth having a listen to!

Sasha & John Digweed  aLIVE Coverage on behalf of ElectricZooFestival.com

Sasha & John Digweed
aLIVE Coverage on behalf of ElectricZooFestival.com

Deadmau5 + Eric Prydz

No matter how my taste has changed over the years, Deadmau5 will always be a top for me. I really respect him as a musician, and his uninhibited personality makes it all the better.


I would joke and say that every time I’m supposed to see him play, for whatever reason the universe decides otherwise and I always have to miss him. So I was just thrilled to actually get to see him this time.


Eric Prydz, no matter what persona he’s playing under, I inevitably fall in love with anything he puts out, and this duo together is a dream.


If you’ve read some of my other articles on EDMNYC, you’ll be able to tell my music taste is pretty much exclusively underground techno, and tech house. So when I approached the main stage, saw a crowd that stretched through half the festival, and heard them playing Maceo Plex, I was extremely excited… however, my one complaint here would be (despite that it was exactly what I want to hear) having it on the main stage threw a lot of people off. I will argue and say that I love that they played what they wanted and didn’t just bend to make the crowd happy (not that I think Joel would ever do that anyway), but given the audience was expecting a lot of their popular tracks, there was a very noticeably confused energy on the floor. As they got deeper into their set, they did begin to play some of their recognizable tracks, and at that point, not a single person that I saw looked disappointed.

Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz  aLIVE Coverage on behalf of ElectricZooFestival.com

Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz
aLIVE Coverage on behalf of ElectricZooFestival.com

If you want to re-live or missed out on seeing this set, go to our Facebook page and check out the live video I posted!

Made Event never fails to host an amazing festival, already looking forward to next year!

     =>          Review written by Meesh and Bliss Forest for EDMNYC



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