Paul Kalkbrenner Presents: Back To The Future – Cancelled



Update: This event has unfortunately been cancelled due to illness.

Paul Kalkbrenner grew up in East Berlin coming of age in techno after the Wall fell. He starred in the cult movie Berlin Calling, and was asked to perform in front of Brandenburg Gate by the German Government to mark the 25th celebration of the Wall coming down. He is a Platinum selling techno artist (surely an oxymoron) whose Sky & Sand holds the German singles record, he was the only techno act to play the mainstage of TomorrowWorld and routinely sells out shows of 5-10,000 in Europe.

He only plays live and it’s only his own productions. He famously doesn’t listen to other people’s music, however, last year he started a new project called Back To The Future in which he went back to the songs he heard as a young teenager in Berlin. Most of which only existed on YouTube – he sourced almost 5000 tracks, and then recorded them from YouTube, making his own edits to create x3 hour long compositions from the tracks. These tapes have been downloaded millions of times.

His career has spanned 7 studio albums, on his last record 7 – he was the first artist ever allowed access to the Sony Music Master Vault – and he created three tracks on the record featuring samples from Jefferson Airplane, Luther Vandross and D Train. Last year he was even asked to officially remix the final track from Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker.

This Friday, 9/22, at Knockdown Center in Queens, Paul Kalkbrenner’s presents, Back To The Future, for the very first time. Paul Kalkbrenner recounts the history of Berlin techno with his new Back To the Future concept, which is based on his famous mix tape series, a trilogy that highlights his personal history of electronic music’s arrival to Germany during his teenage years. Renewing and digitalising all of his old music collection to sound fresh and new, Kalkbrenner has given his early back catalogue a makeover with all tracks sounding delectably current.

This experience will take you on a historical journey, but this is in no way a retro or old school show by any means. This is a celebration of where this music originated and where it is heading moving forward, henceforth Back To The Future’. Get your tickets here and check out the mix tapes below.

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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