British Balearic Enigma TÂCHES Announces New EP, “To Move Mountains”



On stage or at a party, irrepressible bon vivant and neo-Romantic TÂCHES is impossible to miss. He’s the lanky and gregarious one flailing about in a fur coat and cowboy hat. Flaunting his penchant for the exotic and flamboyant, TÂCHES comes across less like a DJ and more like a conduit to the electric beauty in music, art, and humanity. In just five years, the melodic enigma went from giving away more than a million free downloads via word-of-mouth to releasing praised tracks on respected labels Desert Hearts, Different, CR2, Nervous, Kitsune, and Majestic Casual.

Previously using artwork featuring female friends with black bars across their eyes to avoid personal imagery in his press, as of 2016 TÂCHES–pronounced TASH–has become increasingly accessible.
This summer alone, TÂCHES is releasing a new EP (available 9/20), ‘To Move Mountains’; launching a new label, Glitter Cowboy; performed at Burning Man for the first time and moved to manic, celebrity-soaked Los Angeles, from laid-back Spain, where he’s been spotted floating in inflatable swans in infinity pools.

Despite his relocation, the historically multicultural mecca’s influence endures. Its intoxicating rhythms and seductive melodies permeate TÂCHES’ sound and his deftly calibrated synthesis has been enthusiastically received. His remix of Naughty Boy’s “Think About It” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Ella Eyre surpassed 1,000,000 plays on Soundcloud. His remix of Wet’s “Move Me” premiered in Vogue. Recent work with Anabel Englund on the aptly titled “Cha-Cha” and his remix of “Right Thang” with Human Movement featuring Eliot Porter further reaffirmed the in-demand DJ and producer’s status as “one to watch.”

On ‘To Move Mountains’ TÂCHES’ trademark unpredictability and finesse continues evolving. “I Still Think About You”, inspired by a holiday camp teen crush, is a minimal siren call from an unmappable eden. The passionate lead single “No Bailes Sola” about star-crossed lovers from warring factions meeting to secretly dance at midnight, echoes the Middle East and Latin America with hypnotic flamenco flourishes and mesmerizing percussion. Making its premiere today, TÂCHES offers out as a free stream ahead of its release “Unrequited Love Affair” featuring alluring vocals by longtime collaborator Arum Flowers and is his first downtempo song,(an ode to what he’s “loved and forgotten”).

To Move Mountains will be the first release on TÂCHES’ new label Glitter Cowboy, a home for kindred spirits. “I like to wear cowboy boots and drink beer faraway from societal responsibilities. I relish being uncomfortable and getting dusty in nature. It’s when I feel most alive” he says. Adaptability, authenticity, courage, duty, loyalty, and self-reliance are qualities he seeks to embody in the label. In keeping with his “small strokes, big impact” ethos, To Move Mountains arrives in beige packaging with fine black line art that he sourced from a Czech artist online.

Whatever TÂCHES takes on next, it will be filtered through his poignantly romantic view of the world. “The word Balearic to me, there’s a feeling of euphoria attached to it. It’s a good vibe. But at the same time, there’s always an element of melancholy. It’s a sadness attached to the transient nature of living and loving people. Emotionally, I think my music tends to sit in that melancholic field. I haven’t quite reached the level of heartbreaking emotion that I hope to convey through my music yet, but I’m getting closer.”



To Move Mountains Track Listing:

I Still Think About You
No Bailes Sola
Unrequited Love Affair

British by passport, but not by heart, TÂCHES grew up within the romanticised confines of Spain’s Balearic island, Mallorca. The island’s mystical, multicultural vibe can be heard throughout his alluring productions and narrative DJ sets which straddle both sides of the dance-feel spectrum, combining hypnotising rhythms with emotive and ethereal explorations in melody. Refusing to define his music by genre, he instead aims to elicit a specific feeling while maintaining a notably strong personal style, experimenting and evolving with each release.

Glitter Cowboy is a label for unusual and melodic music, pushing the boundaries of the zeitgeist. Think a dreamy blend of electronic and organic that’ll keep you dancing, all the while pulling away at your heartstrings. The label seeks to embody self-awareness and optimism, along with finding inner peace in nature, art and simplicity of living.


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