Ten Things You Want To Have For Electric Zoo



Electric Zoo is approaching and we are pumped! It’s a festival favorite and we can’t wait to be back on Randall’s Island this Labor Day Weekend, September 1st – 3rd, with you animals. We are counting down the days! We have also made a list of the top ten things you want to have for Ezoo. Check it out.

1) ID

-This is super important! It gets you in (along with your ticket) and it also gets you booze! (if you’re over 21). ☺

2) Camelback

-The sun will kick your butt, especially when you are dancing all day long. A camelback or re-usable water bottle is a must! Dehydration is no joke guys.

3) Sunscreen

-Lather up before you go in and again during the day. You don’t want to burn.


-Don’t laugh, you know it’s a must have. Chapped lips are not fun.

5) Sunglasses/Hat

-A shaded face is a happy face! Be sure to have one or the other, but both are best. 🙂

6) Comfy Dancing Shoes

-It’s going to be two full days of being on your feet, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. We highly advise to avoid flip-flops and sandals because your feet will get stepped on at one point or another.

7) Rain Poncho

-We all know the curse of Ezoo (if you don’t look it up because I’m not saying it), but pack a rain poncho just in case. You never know.

8) Small Blanket or Towel

-It’s long days on your feet and sometimes it’s nice to just sit and chill in the grass. Maybe even take a nap!

9) Totems

-These are always a festival favorite and a great way to find your friends when you leave to pee or get more drinks. If you are bringing a totem, poles must be made with flexible materials (no metal) and must have a diameter of 1.5 inches or less.


-Lots and lots of Kandi to trade!

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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