Moonrise Festival – Ten Things To Pack


64-exlMoonrise Festival in Baltimore, Maryland is taking place this weekend, 8/12-8/13 at the Pimlico Race Course. A great festival with great vibes and a killer lineup!  We are pumped to get there. With hotels booked and travel plans solidified, the last thing to get compiled is our list of what to pack. Check out our list of ten things that are a Moonrise Festival must!

1) Your Ticket!
-Don’t’ be that person who forgets their ticket. We’ve all had that friend before and they always realize either half way through traveling or when you actually arrive to the festival. It’s only natural to be annoyed at your friend because you know they now have to wait on the Will Call line to sort everything out. And being the great friend that you are you will be stuck at Will Call too. So, before you leave for the festival double check to make sure that you have your ticket.
2) ID
– Whether you forgot your ticket or not, good luck getting in with no ID. I think forgetting your ID is worse then forgetting your ticket! Be sure to triple check you have this because this is how you get in and also how you get booze ☺
3) Camelback
-Staying hydrated is key! The sun will kick your butt, especially when you are dancing all day long. Be sure to have your camelback or re-usable water bottle and visit the water refill stations frequently.
4) Sunscreen
-It’s going to be sunny out and it’s very uncomfortable to be at a festival with sunburn (unless you are boozed up lol). Pack the sunscreen and lather up before and again during the day. Don’t become a lobster.
5) Sunglasses/Hat
-Squinty face is not a good look for anyone, so make sure to pack your shades and hats for the weekend.
6) Portable Phone Charger
-If you don’t want to sit by the charging station or leave your phone in a locker to charge, then definitely bring a portable phone charger (or two or three). Now you can charge your phone and still be able to capture all those candid moments.
7) Favorite Outfits
-Everyone has those outfits specifically just for festivals. Even if the festival is just two days people usually pack more outfits because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like options?
8) Totems
-Moonrise allows totems, so be sure to have your epic totem ready to go. It could be one of those noticeable totems that goes from festival to festival, a totem made distinctly for an artist or just a little something to find keep in the air as a landmark. Whatever it is, totems are the best.
9) Kandi
-Lots and lots of Kandi to trade! If you want to bring actual candy, that works too.
10) Comfy Dancing Shoes
-It’s going to be two full days of being on your feet and dancing, so be sure to pack comfortable shoes. You may want to bring a spare just in case because you never know. Weird things tend to happen at festivals.

See you all at Moonrise!

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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