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Shaun Frank, originally the singer of The Envy – a Canadian alternative/rock band – quickly found his way to producing music after the band broke up. Actually, many collaborations with renowned artists of the international EDM scene, such as Oliver Heldens, Borgeous, KSHMR & The Chainsmokers,  are to his credit. He was also a co-writer of the hit single “Closer” by The Chainsmokers.

Shaun Frank’s most recent release “Upsidedown” is out now on Ultra Records. He also just played at Marquee this month which was awesome! We had the pleasure to chat with Sean Frank and you should check it out!

EDMNYC: How did you get involved in DJ’ing?
SF: I actually used to be a singer in a band and I used to get a lot of requests to have me sing on dance records. I started digging it and kinda fell in love with the house music and dance music as a whole. I became instantly addicted to figuring out how to make it and the rest is history.

EDMNYC: Did you have any musical background?
SF: I started playing piano when I was like 5. I played drums in my first band and then guitar. Band class was about the only exciting thing to me in high school.

EDMNYC: You’re latest release was “Upsidedown” on Ultra Records. Tell us a bit about this tune. What was the inspiration behind it?
SF: This is actually a really exciting release for me because it’s the first song with my own vocals on it. It’s about a time in my life where I had lost somebody and I was living in this weird sense of vertigo – almost like time had stopped. If your world is currently a bit flipped on end, this one may speak to you 🙂

EDMNYC: In support of the single, you recently wrapped up a 30+ date North American tour, including supporting The Chainsmokers on their massive arena tour. How was supporting The Chainsmokers? What was your favorite stop on your North American Tour?
SF: I love playing with those guys. I brought Delaney Jane and Ashe with me who have sang on previous songs with me and we made a big party out of it. The crowds were absolutely mental. If you drop by my instagram the photos and videos from that tour were just nuts. Its really hard to pick favorite show on that tour because it’s taken me from festivals, to clubs and to arenas with TCS, but I’d have to say the one that is really sticking out in my mind is Ottawa. My song “Let You Get Away” was up for a Juno, which is like the Canadian Grammys and we played an event the night before and it was just bonkers.

EDMNYC: You co-wrote The Chainsmoker’s smash hit “Closer” featuring Halsey. How did this opportunity come about?
SF: I was on tour with The Chainsmokers on their Friendzone tour and we were working on music one day in the back of the bus and wrote this song in like 30 minutes. Crazy looking back on it!

EDMNYC: What else do you have up your sleeve for 2017?
SF: I have a Collab with Delaney Jane coming soon which I’m really excited about because we are both singing on it. Also, my festival schedule this summer is poppin’…can’t wait for Shambhala, Centre of Gravity, Breakaway, Sancity Music Fest & Ezoo to name a few. Gonna be a dope rest of the summer!

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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