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Sean Brockhurst, better know as Doctor P, has been creating some of this decade’s defining bass music and has just added two fresh new tunes to his collection of bangers. These tunes are equally as hard hitting as the rest and will surely be nudged to the front running of fan favorites.

Doctor P recently played at Playstation Theater (1/27) bridging the bass gap between Crizzly and Datsik. If you missed out on this show that was a definite mistake because all these artists, including Virtual Riot, played incredible sets and the crowd was pumped with loads of bass all night. Before the show we had the opportunity to catch up with Doctor P.

EDMNYC: You’re known as one of the godfathers of modern bass music. How accurate is that?

Doctor P: I don’t know if it’s accurate.


Doctor P: I’ve been listening to electronic music for like 20 years, so it’s weird when people tell me “Oh, you’re an originator.” Because then I’m like, “Am I?” I guess so though because I was there when it became what it is now. So, I guess that makes me one of the originals. I don’t know how much of an influence I had on it or anything though.

EDMNYC: Do you feel pressure to live up to this reputation?

Doctor P: All my pressure is internally. I’m my own biggest critic. Even if I didn’t have any fans or wasn’t known for what I’ve been doing, I think I would still feel pressure from myself. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, a bad thing or abnormal thing. I don’t really feel pressure from the scene to be cool or anything like that. All the pressure is from me being a perfectionist.

EDMNYC: What do you do to make your music stand out and make Doctor P who he is?

Doctor P: It’s a tricky thing because you have to be aware of what’s going on in the scene so you are relevant, but you also have to try and not just do what everyone else is doing. So, it’s a bit of a balancing act. So you just kind of know when your working on something. It’s just part of the creative process an you just become tuned into it.

EDMNYC: Over the last year you did B2B2B with Cookie Monsta and Funtcase. Can we expect some of those sets this year?

Doctor P: Yeah. Our promoter asked for it, we did it and people loved it. It was good fun! Especially that first time we did it because it was new and something we have never done before. We’ve done it 2 or 3 times since and it’s always good fun. It’s nice being up there together.

EDMNYC: How is your set different being alone then playing with the two of them?

Doctor P: When we are playing together, instead of playing an hour of music you’re playing 20 mins of music so you play all the best tracks. It’s fun because I basicallly get to play the highlights of my normal set.

EDMNYC: Did you guys play 2 or 3 songs each and then switch or did you just flow it however you felt?

Doctor P: Normally, when we would be stepping on the stage we would look at each other and say, “What should we do?” Then someone would say “2 each?” We would all agree, “Yea, let’s do 2 each then.” I think for Moonrise we did 2 songs each, but sometimes 2 wasn’t enough so we would do 3 or 4. It depended on how long we had.

EDMNYC: Recently you released 2 new tracks, “Show Me Love” and “Snakes and Ladders.” Tell us a little bit about the tracks.

Doctor P: I’ve just been trying to make music and put it out – just on a quicker cycle then I was doing before. In the past I would make a track, play it in my set for a year and then release it, but last year I would make a tune and release it, constantly. I made two tracks at the end of the 2016, but I decided not to put them out before Christmas because no one is really listening to new music around Christmas. It’s kind of a weird period. The tunes are going to be out soon though.

EDMNYC: You’re one of the co-founders of Circus Records along with Flux Pavilion. How has the label been since you guys started it?

Doctor P: It’s been a strange journey. We started the label to see what happens and then we immediately had loads of success, which is typically never good straight away. It wasn’t bad, but it was challenging. We had a little fall out which we didn’t really realize. I mean it wasn’t like a big falling out, but both of us were so busy and weren’t communicating properly. Once that was addressed and fixed things started to become more smooth.

EDMNYC: Any new artists on the label?

Doctor P: Yeah, we got a few that we are very excited about. I mean I always say DISKORD, as if they are a new artist, but we actually have had him signed for a few years now. Those guys just produced a few tracks with Krewella. We have been really excited about their music for like 3 years and are just waiting for the whole world to catch up. We’ve been putting their tunes out and playing their songs in our sets and this year we have our fingers crossed that the world with catch on and they will blow up this year.

EDMNYC: How is the scene over in the Europe compared to the States?

Doctor P: It’s more of a warehouse type vibe. People they do mosh a lot more than they do here. People in the states don’t really mosh unless it’s a certain type of show, but in Europe, especially in Holland, the crowd will just be a mosh pit from front to back and side to side.

EDMNYC: It’s 2017, what can we expect from you in the new year?

Doctor P: I’m going to try and keep up the cycle of putting tunes out as I make them and I’m going to continue doing shows. I haven’t gotten anything massive in the pipeline, so no dramatic changes. I’m just going to keep doing my thing.




~Michelle for EDMNYC



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