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Morgan Page 2Versatility remains the key to longevity. Any artist must be able to deliver regardless of the setting, whether it’s in the studio or on stage. For Morgan Page, it doesn’t matter where he is. His number one concern is sharing quality music. As an artist, DJ, songwriter, and even radio show presenter, he continually offers a unique and undeniable perspective, evolving with the times. No matter what he’s working on, he delivers for the audience.

Page has been producing and DJ’ing among dance music’s elite for almost a decade, having been nominated for two GRAMMY awards, and charting numerous albums and songs on the Billboard and radio charts. It’s a no brainer why he was the latest major artist to recently join Armada Music.

We recently had a chance to sit with Page and chat about his latest single, “Don’t Give Up,” how it feels being part of the Armada family and his upcoming show at Marquee on 2/24. Check it out.

EDMNYC: When did you first start DJ’ing?

Page: I first started DJ’ing on college radio at the University of Vermont, while in high school. They didn’t require you to be a student, so I started filling in for DJs that weren’t showing up for their slots.

EDMNYC: Was DJ’ing something you new you always wanted to do?

Page: DJ’ing was always a dream job, but I never thought it would be a reality. I was never really given any opportunities to be a resident DJ, so I just kept honing in on my craft and learning more about music production until there was demand for the music live.

EDMNYC: When was your big break?

Page: The real tipping point was probably when I hired Deadmau5 to remix “The Longest Road.” Up until then I had built a good career with doing hundreds of remixes and lots of original vinyl EPs, but I didn’t really have “permission to tour” until “The Longest Road” blew up and was being played in all the clubs.

EDMNYC: Which artists influence you?

Page: I like a lot of the usual suspects: always been a fan of Axwell, Avicii, and Hardwell. I like a wide variety of sounds, so I incorporate that into my sets.

EDMNYC: Today the DJ scene is flooding with many artists. How does your music stand out from the rest?

Page: The focus for my music is always on strong vocals that can be refreshed and remixed into any genre – versatile vocals, rather than chasing trends.

EDMNYC: You recently joined the Armada Family. How is that treating you so far?

Page: Armada has been great – I’ve only released one single for far, but we have lots of exciting originals coming up – and I’m really proud of the Armin Van Buuren remix I did for them.

EDMNYC: Your tune “Don’t Give Up,” was the first to be released under Armada. Tell us a little bit about the tune.

Page: “Don’t Give Up” was originally a Lissie solo song and she asked if I wanted to try something with the original demo, so I made a 4/4 version – and then we beefed it up with a bigger club mix. To me its classic MP/Lissie folk influenced Progressive House.

EDMNYC: Your playing Marquee on Saturday, February 24. What can we expect from your set?

Page: Really looking forward to Marquee. I like to surprise people and sprinkle in a touch of bass and trap, tons of vocals, lots of energy – but also some calming moments to provide a lot of contrast from the EDM bangers.

EDMNYC: What does 2017 hold in store for you?

Page: 2017 will be all about releasing lots of new music as singles, and not saving 2 years of music for an album. I’ll continue doing lots of collaborations, and we have some technology focused surprises coming up later this year, so you’ll have to wait and see!

It was a pleasure being about to chat with Morgan Page and we look forward to seeing him at Marquee on the 24th. Grab your tickets and be sure to check out his tune below!

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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