REVIEW: Big Week Peaks with Justice & Crystal Castles at Pier 94


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By the end of 2016, we were all ready for a new beginning and were seeking something both fresh and positive to carry into the new year. Justice got this memo entirely, so when they headlined Pier 94 during RPM Presents’ Big Week, they brought an electrifying set to fuel this optimistic spirit. Each imaginable crevice of the massive venue was packed with disco-fans anxiously awaiting to see the CDJ legends do what they do best: make a room shake with basslines and dancing bodies. Paying homage to their 2016 album release, “Woman,” they opened their set with hit track “Safe and Sound,” and throughout the night continued to filter in songs from their latest studio album including “Alakazam !” 

Naturally the duo needed to play some of their golden oldies for the die-hard fans, so tracks like “We Are Your Friends” and “D.A.N.C.E.” were appropriately rotated into the set list throughout the night. However, this was not before taking the crowd further back in time by playing throwbacks like “It’s Tricky” by Run-D.M.C. and “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters. It was amazing to see such a large New York crowd composed of people of all ages collectively enjoying music that spans across multiple generations.

Aside from Justice’s memorable set, Crystal Castles gave an invigorating performance that quite literally shook the stage, seeing as lead singer Edith Frances spent most the time jumping across various platforms while inciting anarchistic antics amongst the crowd. Quite appropriately, they played songs older fans would appreciate, like “Celestica” and even played some newer songs like “Kept.” Major props to Edith for matching the enthusiasm of the entire crowd while functioning as one person.

15894995_1570930102920615_9186200638700711822_nPhotography provided by RPM Presents by The Poselski Brothers

Although the night was dripping with talent from all headliners, one of the stand-out acts of the night had to be the opener: Love Thy Brother. Although the Canadian duo has been producing music together for years, this performance truly showed their evolution from specializing in dubstep remixes to moving toward a soothing house music space. With hit deep house remixes to songs like Kiiara’s “Feels,” the duo certainly put their stake in the ground that they know how to master all ends of the electronic bass and house spectrums. But that doesn’t mean we have forgotten the incredible basslines that put them on the map!

All in all, the night could be summarized by the following: great atmosphere, even better music and the appropriate send off into a 2017 that we hope to be as memorable and upbeat as the night’s set list.

– Liz Tillman 

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