Artist Spotlight: Egzod, remixes Pluto x Ye’s “Feel The Fire”


Currently residing in residing in Orlando, Florida, French producer Egzod puts his own unique spin on Pluto and Ye’s record titled “Feel The Fire.” This remix features a steady build which turns into a full on bass infused, dance anthem. Consuming influences from around the world, Egzod’s productions, visuals, and branding all melt together to achieve a sense of unity. He even calls his genre ‘world bass’.

Listen to his remix, released on PRMD Рone of our favorite new labels!

Egzod’s original track created with Imagin8 was recently released on Insomnaic’s Discovery Project, titled “Focus”¬†combines Middle Eastern influences and high energy synths with heavy bass to create a masterpiece of a track – listen for yourself below.¬†

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