Jaenga: The Man With the Bus and New Music Video


For those who have witnessed the fast paced journey of a rising star, chances are, they weren’t driving a tricked-out purple school bus…

First, a little background:

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-1-51-40-amTruly making a mark on the music industry is an almost impossible challenge, where one must not only be talented, but find an extraordinary way to get noticed. To say that Jaenga only met this challenge would be an understatement.

After making an unconventional purchase of an old school bus, Jaenga and his closeknit team transformed the vehicle by removing the seats, installing hardwood floors, personal bunks for travel, and of course, a top notch sound system. The bus then hit many well-known festivals such as Camp Bisco, Beach Glow, Dancefestopia, Osheaga, Sonic Bloom, and naturally, threw some underground warehouse parties.

On tour, Jaenga was joined by Several talented up and comers such as Spencer Zabiela, Keegan Tawa, Shishi, Joe-San, Frame, Alex Raouf, Low Lite, Alex Pycke, and Baloo.

“The turnout was absolutely off the wall every time,” Jaenga said. “By the second day of Camp Bisco, I had artists that I looked up to tweeting me if they could come play the bus. I had Griz’ manager call me Friday morning asking if Griz could come play a set at 3:00am that night! (Which I of course agreed to.)”

Jaenga’s mission as an artist is very genuine, and certainly sets him apart in an industry where authenticity is a rare find.

In addition to his quick moving journey as an artist, Jaenga has been directing music videos for industry giants like Ultra Music and Monstercat. Finally, he decided it was time to combine his talents as a musician, and as a video director, to create a music video for his remix of Monster Movie by Scarlett Taylor.

The lighthearted storyline, visuals, and bass-heavy house tone made it the ideal track for a Halloween premiere, and to no surprise, was strategically planned that way.

Check out the music video here:

Jaenga already plans to do a massive tour next summer. Connect  on social media for updates, releases, and tour dates:



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Written by Bliss Forest for EDMNYC



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