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As promised, the Big Apple was graced with a little Canadian happiness on Wednesday, July 27th.

The event was held to promote the launch of a new virtual reality game titled, Absolut Deadmau5. Zimmerman teamed up with the popular vodka brand, Absolut, to create a game where players are on a mission to get deadmau5 to his gig on time. Not to mention, pet his cat, Meowingtons. [I’m sold.] Users are also able to buy a cardboard headset for $9.95 to complete the experience. 3061453-slide-s-9-absolut-made-a-vr-video-game-and-concert-with-deadmau5

Manhattan’s newest techno mecca, Flash Factory NY, attracted a slightly different crowd to their usual all-black-ensemble regulars.

If you got a chance to read my preview for this event [click here if you missed out], I was gushing over the fact that deadmau5 had held a steady spot as my favorite artist for years, and I slept through my last opportunity to see him. (Sore subject, let’s move on.)

Bliss Forest - Flash Factory NY - EDM NYC

Bliss Forest – Flash Factory NY – EDM NYC

After a slight mix up at the door, I began to regret my (totally awesome) ‘MEOW’ sweatshirt, as I felt the northeast humidity soaking into my sleeves. I walked through the main doors and was greeted by an subarctic blast of air conditioning. Canadian happiness indeed.

The opener, No Mana, was playing this really cool electro house that didn’t make me cringe like so much current electro house does.

No Mana is a young producer signed to Joel’s label, Mau5trap, along with other edgy and new artists like Rezz and Eekkoo, along with more well-known names like Michael    Woods and Tommy Trash.

I’ve played a few of his records in my own sets, and I highly recommend checking out his soundcloud. You won’t regret it:

While the official start time was unclear with the event being on a Wednesday, Flash Factory posted that the event had a sharp 9:00pm start time. Deadmau5 came on stage at about 11:45. (Which was really early in comparison to a regular event.)

Opening with “Sometimes Things Get, Whatever.” I had a grin on my face like a five-year-old about to open all her birthday presents. (Did I mention he’s my favorite?)

I’ve seen the Mau5 play several times at before, and just due to the vibe being at Flash Factory, he was able to create a nice techno-electro hybrid. Definitely very different from what I’ve been hearing lately.

By midnight, he went pretty techno-heavy, which I was totally happy with.

Back in April, deadma5 released a new song with Kaskade called “Beneath With Me V.3”

I heard Skylar Grey’s velvety vocals rippling throughout the club, followed by a gripping electro pump. If you haven’t heard it:

I don’t think these two have ever made a song together that wasn’t amazing.

I was hit with memories of the Mau5 [and regrettable fashion choices]from Ultra 2014, when he played “Phantoms Can’t Hang.” It starts with this a simple marimba chord progression, and naturally, turns into pulsing electro-house. The song was officially released on his album While (1<2), back in June 2014.

Around 1:00am, things got real [techno]when he played the Josh Wink song “Are You There” [Ben Klock Remix]. The two of them are really talented producers, and I highly recommend giving them a listen!

I think most attendees will admit, we were all waiting for “Strobe.” I was walking towards the exit to go get MichelleTanner1_mediumsome air, when I heard the familiar Strobe tease, and immediately flew back over to the floor. (Naturally my phone was at 1% by this point…) Everyone waited with extreme anticipation, but instead of the expected drop, he brought in this amazing bass heavy, trap-esque beat.

When deadmau5 was finished, I was absolutely exhausted and about to leave, but had to turn around when I heard awesome ambient techno coming from the closing DJ. If anyone knows his name comment below please!

The music was incredible all night, there was never a moment I wasn’t thrilled with what I was hearing. I will admit, the vibes from the crowd weren’t my favorite, but it’s really always hit or miss. Overall, the show was great, and if you couldn’t make it this time, definitely catch the Mau5 the next time he’s here!

Written by Bliss Forest for EDM NYC 

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