INTERVIEW: Getting to Know The Boys of Snakehips at Lollapalooza


The Pepsi Stage at Lollapalooza was dripping with talent from all ends of the EDM spectrum. Particularly, one of the most notable electronic performances of the weekend was provided by UK duo, Snakehips. Their blend of smooth electronic beats with R&B stylings never ceases to move a crowd, and before their set on Sunday, July 31st, EDM NYC contributor, Liz Tillman, caught up with James Carter and Oliver Lee to get to know the boys a little better. Read what they have to say below!

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EDM NYC: Your successful remixes of songs put you on the mainstream map. For artists who are trying to gain SoundCloud exposure, do you recommend this approach to gain notoriety before putting out originals?

James: I mean it is a really good way to start out, definitely. Just because it’s like, a lot of the time you can have a really sick vocal or something that’s already been perfected really well and do your own spin on it. It’s a cool way to show what you can do I guess, without having to make the whole thing.

EDM NYC: You’ve mentioned that “All My Friends” is a song about bad nights out, but can you tell me about your best night out?

James: Together? The time we went to Block9 in Glastonbury. We had some fun times there. Shit got weird. Man, it’s like next level.

Ollie: There’s no order, it’s just like, chaos!

EDM NYC: When in the studio together, what do you small talk about the most?

James: Like about celebrities and stuff… also politics and food.

EDM NYC: American politics or British politics?

James: Both!

EDM NYC: What movie or TV duo reminds you most of yourselves?

James: Man, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.

Ollie: Our names are like, creepily similar to theirs as well. In the movie “James Carter” is his name and I’m Oliver Lee and he’s “Detective Lee.”

EDM NYC: What makes you Detective Lee and what makes you Detective Carter?

Ollie: I’m sick at stunts.

James: I’m funny.

EDM NYC: Let’s talk Pokemon GO – do you play?

Ollie: I don’t James does.

James: Cancelled a lot of studio dates recently to go out and play.

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EDM NYC: What’s one British snack you wish more festivals offered backstage?

Ollie: More gruel!

James: Scones and crumpets… or bangers & a mash!

Ollie: Or biscuits. They’re more crunchy than cookies and less soft.

EDM NYC: What is one thing the two of you will never agree on?

James: There must be loads…

Ollie: We got quite a lot of similar tastes in everything really. That’s why we work well. But like socks! He loves weird socks, and I always go white.

James: It isn’t a disagreement, it’s more like different tastes.

Ollie: But I’m always feeling white socks.

EDM NYC: Can you name the other one’s guilty pleasure?

James: Ollie’s is definitely socks and trainers.

Ollie: Hmm I don’t know the weird shit he does!

EDM NYC: You both met in Hong Kong. If you were to have a friendiversary there, what fun things would you want to do to celebrate all you’ve accomplished?

James: Go back tot the bar that we met at!

– Liz Tillman for EDM NYC

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