‘Can’t Have You’ Ft. Eileen Young By Element

We love finding new artists and new tunes! That is one of the great things about music. There are always new artists to be discovered. We recently came across a Brooklyn­ based rapper­ turned­ producer by the name of E​lement (Chris Cruz).
Chris Cruz is a tech developer by day and producer by night. He originally hails from San Francisco and has brought that niche culture with him over to the east coast. While he has only been producing for a year, he remains confident that his insatiable hunger and work ethic will place him amongst electronic music’s next generation of spearheading artists.
Before being a producer Chris was a budding rapper, having collaborated with local Bay Area legends like Big Rich, San Quinn, Clyde Carson, and the late Ghost to earn a name for himself. The highly ­motivated youngster then moved on to pursue his dream of starting a tech company, during which time he studied music theory and learned how to produce and play piano. Now, as a producer, his goal is to take the elements of his past in hip­hop, blend it with his new knowledge of music theory, and weave in his emotions and beliefs to produce compelling and emotionally ­charged music.
His newest track “C​an’t Have You,” ​featuring 20­ year ­old vocalist E​ileen Young,​ is a future bass original. In describing the song, Element says, “This track is about not being able to be with that special someone. When Eileen Young sent over her vocals for the track, the lyrics she wrote instantly brought me back to my high school days when I had feelings for a girl who was in a relationship at the time. Funny enough, that same girl ended up being the long­-term girlfriend I have today. Being able to paint a picture of my past and work with a powerful singer­ song writer like Eileen has made this experience incredibly fun.”
“Can’t Have You” is now available on Soundcloud. Check it out!

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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