Listen: Love Thy Brother ft. Ariel Beesley – “Love Me Better” 


Words by Pia Talwar.

Love Thy Brother, consisting of sibling duo Conor and Liam Clarke, has generated a genre of electronic music that blends different sounds and styles from the past 50 years into an evolving modern-day trend. They have crafted songs with a no nonsense and unique mentality, allowing them to open up a window into the future of dance music.


The brothers, hailing from Toronto, Canada, have created remixes for The Wombats titled “Emoticons,” Mas Ysa’s “Arrows,” “Feels” by Kiiara, John Newman’s “Love Me Again” – to name a few.

Aside from creating funky dance remixes and smashing Hype Machine with their self-released collaboration with Harrison Brome, which crossed 1.1 million plays on Spotify, elder brother Connor is the CEO of the artist marketing platform Wavo. At the same time, Liam is an acclaimed commercial producer whose music has been featuring on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Fox News, and campaigns by Audi, Guess, and Smirnoff.

Photo by Jamie Wise

Photo by Jamie Wise

Now, Love Thy Brother has just come out with an original pop ballad, “Love Me Better,” featuring Ariel Beesley’s soft, hushed vocals, creating a unique indie-electro hit. The electronic duo’s uplifting track is a catchy tune that takes you back to the psychedelic days with melodies hailing from an electric guitar and drums.

“This song marks a big moment for Liam and I,” said Conor. “Growing up together has had a such huge influence on our music, so in a sense was literally decades in the making.”

“It’s also our first original and opened up a whole new world of challenges and inspiration, adds Liam, working with LA based Ariel Beesley and Grammy nominated producer Damian Taylor meant hopping around multiple countries, constant fights, and strange studios. It’s a whole different game than pumping out remixes, but hearing the finished song and knowing the work we put into it feels pretty wicked.”

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