Interview – Sharam Of Deep Dish On His New Album ‘Retroactive’


IMG_0752 This past Saturday, July 9th at the iconic Webster Hall, Sharam took the stage. The night had a great emphasis on his new album “Retroactive” which was originally named “The Warehouse.” Sharam actually had a dream that was main decision behind the name change. He was kind enough to chat with us and give us more background on his new album. EDMNYC: How did you get into DJ’ing? Sharam: Music has always been a cornerstone as far back as I remember. Listening to music was a hobby for me. In post-revolutionary Iran you didn’t have access to a lot of music so I would find it through underground channels. It was TRULY underground because music, especially the western kind, was illegal. I was always fascinated with being able to transfer music between or mix them together through primitive devices that I had access to at the time. When I moved to the United States I continued with that curiosity, and then found out there is a thing called a mixer that made the mixing much easier and turntables that allowed you to change the speed of music that, together, enabled you to mix music together in a seamless fashion. That was magical to me. I was hooked, and that’s how I became cialis and stomach upset a DJ, throwing school parties to I could buy records and of course DJ in front of a crowd, until I was good enough to get a proper club gig. EDMNYC: It’s to our knowledge that your next album was set to be named “The Warehouse,” cialis aleve interaction but you decided to change the name. What made you make this decision? Sharam: Actually it was supposed to be called ‘A Warehouse”, then I had a dream! Lol! I had this dream that was quite hypnotic and “science fictiony”. I don’t remember much about it that makes sense except that I woke up with the urge that I needed to change the title of the album to Retroactive. It was quite weird, but I knew instantly that it was the right name. We had already announced the title as ‘A Warehouse name,’ but Retroactive is a better name for the album really, because of the contents. It’s a retrospective look at all of my influences from early 80s Giorgio Moroder style dance records to drum n bass records to soul records all the way to early techno and house records. So I’ve taken all those influences and glued them together with one leg in the past and one leg in the future. EDMNYC: The album name, tour and art work were already released and in circulation. Was this dream and gut feeling worth the risk? Sharam: Absolutely. My mantra is “It’s one life to live and regret is not an option”. So I had to go with my gut feeling and the name actually turned out to be a bad ass one if you don’t mind me saying so :o). At the end of the day looking at it many years down the road, no one will care what it was supposed to be called but what it ended up being called, no matter what the challenges were to get it off the ground. I wanted the message of the album to be clear considering what I’ve put in it musically speaking. EDMNYC: Would you have done the same if you were signed with a major record label? Sharam: Probably impossible. When you deal with a big machine like that, it would have been a huge challenge, and one I’m not sure the powers that be would have taken on to change the name at the 11th hour. In all likelihood we would have had to push the release back – if there was an immediate slot open even, and with a tour already planned it would have been a train wreck. EDMNYC: What’s some of the pro’s of being an independent artist and compared to being signed to a major label? Do you have a preference? Sharam: – Pros: Being able to do whatever you want as an artist – from look and feel of the artwork to the track selection. Also, the flexibility that you

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can get if you are not happy with something like the title of the album or how the track is mastered. You have full control. Also, the attention span you’d get from an independent is much longer than a major. – Cons: Money and resources. You don’t have access to the rich pockets and rich contact list of the free samples of viagra majors. So it’s a lot more work from the independent label and yourself to bridge the gap. I had to spend a lot of my own money to get all the moving parts synching together. So far the label and my team have done a great job. We debuted in Top 10 first week and now we are about to release 13 singles with remixes from the album. Something you’re never going to see from a major. Our work is cut out for us, but it’s a great challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing Viagra vs cialis the whole thing through. The album is a really cool record with 36 hour cialis cost a lot of new wave/synth/industrial influences, some long and dark techno tracks. There is also a cover of The Eurythmics “Here Comes The Rain Again” at the end. You can check out the album below.

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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