[Premiere] Rilan’s captivating record “Blindfolds” (JINCO Remix)


Twenty one-year- old singer, songwriter, and dancer Rilan grew up knowing that music was his calling. As a child he expressed himself through theater, ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance and piano which led him to begin creating music with Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Damien Lewis just two years ago. Lewis has produced for the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Beyonce- to name a few.

After relocating to Los Angeles from New Orleans in early 2014, Rilan’s dream of moving to Hollywood to become a house hold name in the entertainment business started to come alive.

Rilan has recorded over a dozen songs and worked with a group of producers and songwriters in the studio including Dallas Austin- who worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Lady Gaga. His first music video for his reviving single, “Chemical,” directed by Ethan Lader, is in regular rotation on MTVU and has reached over 2.2 million views on YouTube. The “Glee” star’s music started grabbing the media’s attention, which made him to be one of the “artists to watch” for 2015.

Now, Rilan recently released his latest single “Blindfolds,” featuring Naz Tokio. The record has gained attention from a variety of producers such as JINCO, who created an energetic remix to “Blindfolds.” JINCO gives the dance-infused record a blend of melodic trap with a catchy half- time beat. These elements intertwined with Rilan and Tokio’s captivating vocals provide the groovy tune with an unforgettable kick.

“I am in love with Jinco’s Blindfolds remix. It’s hard. It’s dramatic. It’s gritty. It takes the lyrics and the melody to an angrier place than the original. It’s the type of music I would want to listen to.” -Rilan


Written by Pia Talwar & Ashley Zucker.


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