INTERVIEW: Party Thieves’ New EP, “Undrafted” & More!


The trap community runs deep with artists who are innovative, bold and who know a thing or two about “hype.” This is particularly true for New York native, Party Thieves, who has been an “artist to watch” for the past few years. Not only has the young artist played sets at EDC NY and the Hot 100 Billboard Music Festival, but trap masters, Flosstradamus, even enlisted him to release his “Undrafted” EP on their new label “Hi Def.” Liz Tillman caught up with Party Thieves in an interview below to talk all things music and to learn a little more about the coveted #TheftArmy. Read below!

EDM NYC: If one of your songs could be the soundtrack to New York, which would it be and why?

Party Thieves: Definitely Savages, it’s theatrical and it’s heavy.

EDM NYC: Name 3 rappers who you would like to spit on one of your tracks. 

Party Thieves: ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, and Kendrick Lamar

EDM NYC: You released your new EP “Undrafted” on Flosstradamus’s label, “Hi Def.” How do you think this new release will set the tone for the Hi Def label or what followers can expect from it? 

Party Thieves: I hope that it shows people that they are really aiming to release music that was produced through inspiration and not just the standard/ typical electronic formulas and structures.

EDM NYC: When you’re collaborating with other artists in the studio, what are some common topics you’ll small talk over?

Party Thieves: Pizza. Also generally speaking when I get in the studio, the first 30min to an hour is spent just blasting new tunes. No real work gets done nearly half the session haha.

EDM NYC: Who have you learned the most from while in the studio?

Party Thieves: Working with Ricky Remedy recently definitely was a fun experience. His workflow and creative process is something amazing to see, learned a lot working aside him in Miami a few months ago.

EDM NYC: What are some rules that have to be followed if you are part of the #TheftArmy?

Party Thieves: First rule about Theft Army, you don’t talk about Theft Army.


EDM NYC: We’ve had a lot of impressive album releases from many artists so far this year. Which album release of 2016 has made the biggest impact on you creatively?

Party Thieves: Kanye West’s album, Life of Pablo, is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, album thus far. I’m also excited to listen to the Flume album that recently came out.

EDM NYC: You played a stellar set at EDC NY this year. What is one tip you can give fans to avoid hurting their necks from head banging or mosh pitting? 

Party Thieves: No one’s safe. You’ve been warned.

– Interview by Liz Tillman

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