Review: Jamie Jones at Flash Factory (5/20/16)


In the world of electronic dance music, each sub-genre has it’s own sound (duh,) it’s own culture, and its own categorization. Many enthusiasts place techno on the darkest end of the electro-spectrum.

To some, techno is like the shadow of electronic music. But why? Is it the unspoken rule for an obsidian dress code? The lack of kandi-trading and PLUR ideals? Or perhaps because the melodic focus present in most other sub-genres, is essentially absent in techno.

Without a revolutionary catalyst to initiate a major change, music gets stagnant. Techno was given a radical twist when introduced to Jamie Jones.

Photo by Bliss Forest

Photo by Bliss Forest

Co-founder of the label, Hot Creations, and one of four members of the band, Hot Natured, Jones is frequently credited as a pioneer for the new sound of house, and opening the door for a new melodic spin on techno.

Flash Factory opened up on West 28th street, just a few months ago in January. The venue was the former home to the nightclub, Shadow, which shut down in 2012. Flash Factory’s owner, Michael Satsky, also owns Provocateur in the meatpacking district, known for its elite clientele and impossible door.

The 10,000 sq. ft. venue was designed to be a multi-genre space for DJs as well as live artists, and forwent the typical LED displays that are prominent many Manhattan nightclubs.

Flash Factory’s décor accents a truly religious music experience. From the main doors [which were salvaged from an old convent,]to the seats in the lounge area made from old church pews, the church inspired scenery is hauntingly stunning.

May 20th was the type of warm Friday night you only experience early in the summer. You know, before the east coast humidity challenges you to find a way to make sweat look sexy and chic.

12:00am: My outfit was sufficiently black enough to blend in with the shadows, and my stockings already had a tear in them. (*sigh*.)

Out of the times I had been to Flash since it opened, this line was by far the longest I had seen. (Because, who doesn’t love a little Jamie?)

Although I would be lying if I said I didn’t smile a little while walking past the line and through the VIP rope…

12:05am: I walked through the main doors and saw the floor was successfully packed and washed over with green and violet lighting. The air was heavy and laced with Gucci Guilty cologne and the faint aroma of top-shelf cocktails.

12:15am: As I walked into the DJ booth, I was greeted by smiling, familiar faces, and a reasonably strong vodka-Redbull. (are these ever a good idea…)

Tunico, who opened the room, had the crowd’s undivided attention. How many times have you been to a club or show and not fully paid attention [or even made an appearance…]until the main artist was on? Tunico is certainly an up and coming DJ worth listening to.

12:50am: Jamie walked into the booth wearing a padded leather jacket and modest smile. As he went up to the CDJs, the room’s energy immediately skyrocketed. So did the volume of the crowd’s cheering: “JAMIE!”

Photo by Bliss Forest

Photo by Bliss Forest

In addition to CDJs and a mixer (my fault for not checking the exact specs :x) he was also using vinyl. I instantly became more impressed.

2:10am: Yes. Vodka Redbull. Mistake.

The vibe was very different than what you experience with heavy, dark techno. His melodic, minimal sound was sophisticated and dynamic, with a hint of funk.

Track ID’s tend to be a little more elusive when it comes to techno, and Shazam gets more lost than usual.

That being said, I was able to ID these two:

  1. Komorebi (Deadbeat Remix) – Francys
  2. Ojak – Trevino

Jamie Jones is a rare type of musician that not only excels at what he does, but changes how to play the game.

If you’re not obsessed with Jamie yet…Here’s his soundcloud:



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