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FullSizeRender-2Being an air personality and a DJ himself, Liquid Todd is quite the diverse guy! He can talk to you for hours about anything and you will never get bored. He was the first DJ to spin electronic music on the commercial airwaves in both Boston and New York City. His legendary “Solid State” show aired every Saturday night for eight years on 92.3 K-Rock before moving to 103.5 WKTU – where it became “Altered State” and ran for eighteen months. Now he is at Sirius XM Radio where he is a DJ on BPM. Besides that he is a touring DJ, performing at major clubs and festivals.

Recently Todd teamed up with the Disco Killerz and created a great tune called “Stellar.” We had the opportunity to sit and chat with Liquid Todd about his career, the new tune and upcoming performances. It was also a sweet surprise to see Matt & Uri from the Disco Killerz there as well.

Check out our interview below.

EDMNYC: Tell us a bit about your career, from being a radio presence to DJ’ing.

Liquid Todd: I’ve always loved DJ’ing. When you’re in front of a huge crowd and feeling the energy, it’s an unreal feeling. Back in the old days of vinyl you would bring as much of your vinyl with you. When you got there and they wanted something different, you couldn’t really react because it was like; well I got what I got.

It’s cool to be able to do both though at Sirius. I have my show on BPM and then I’m able to travel and play a bunch of festivals and events. I’m actually playing Sunset Music Festival in Tampa and EDCY NY.

EDMNYC: When did you start DJ’ing?

Liquid Todd: When I got out of college back in 1990. I bought some equipment and said, “I want to be a DJ.” Then I started DJ’ing at bars and stuff like that. I then started interning at a radio station and that is where I started getting into radio production.

I got back into vinyl and stuff when I was in Boston at WFNX. I did a show there called Spin Cycle. It was a Saturday night show, which started off in the studio and then moved to a club.

EDMNYC: Where did your DJ name come from?

Liquid Todd: I should really come up with a better story for this. It’s a long story, but it’s not really that good. Back when I was in Boston, I used to DJ at this club and every week they would put an ad in the paper. Each week the writer would just change my name, Premium Todd, Phat Todd, Super Todd and then once he put Liquid Todd. At the time my show was called Spin Cycle so it was kind of a laundry theme lol. Told you it wasn’t that great of a story.

EDMNYC: How is it interviewing other artists, you being an artist yourself?

Liquid Todd: It’s cool. I know what they are doing and can understand their point of view better. So, it’s just like catching up. You paint a little picture, what’s going on with you and ask like one good question and then get out of there. Especially, when you are doing a live show and there are DJs playing live behind me. No wants to hear you yapping, they just want to hear the music.

EDMNYC: How did your new tune Stellar come about?

Liquid Todd: Now you need to understand that when I listen to music and I hear a massive difference in an artists’ music within a few months turnaround that gets me interested. This is one of the main reasons I was really interested in these guys. It turned out I knew Matt. Uri is like a prodigy and Matthew is amazing at putting together melodies. They had a bunch of songs that were in embryonic stages. When I heard the beginning of Stellar I knew we had to develop it. We went through a bunch of different versions of how we wanted the song and worked hard on it. It’s a really solid song, perfect for festival season and I’m hoping these remixes we have artists working on can give it a different dimension that we can showcase.

If you haven’t heard Stellar, check it our below. Click here for the purchase link.

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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