Point Blank Week 8 – Blogs, Databases and Social Networking


2836828090_67d4900ab3_o In this day and age, the internet plays a big part in our lives. It’s both a blessing and curse though. Unfortunately, for artists, great music is no longer enough to get you noticed. It seems that in order

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to get the attention of the great and the good we have be great at web design, great at graphic design, great at music (of course) and now great at writing stuff. Blogs really have become the dominant design concept for a home page out there on the web. With the demise of Myspace and the rise of Twitter and Facebook, the idea of having a static website with little or no interaction between fans and musician has died. In order to be a player in the ever-increasingly digital 21st century, you need a blog. Last weeks course went into great depth on all the different social media aspects and blogging. From what content should be on your blog to keep you blog updated. It is truly something that all artists need to have and be present on, as fans love the interaction. Pointblank was an amazing experience and we enjoyed every second of it. If you are looking to learn more about the music industry and music production we highly recommend looking into Pointblank! ~Michelle for EDMNYC  


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