INTERVIEW: Vincent is One to Watch After Taking Over Webster Hall


For his New York debut, Vincent brought bass beats heavy enough to shake down the Webster Hall stage last Friday! More than a stereotypical “up and comer,” this DJ and producer has proven repeatedly over the past year that he is more than a “name” you see scrolling through SoundCloud. With millions of plays across original tracks like “Her” or remixes of trap classics like Alison Wonderland’s “U Don’t Know,” there is no doubt that he is destined for even bigger stages and festival lineups in the months to come.

While debuting his DJing skills on the Webster stage, he mixed crowd favorites like Drake’s “Jumpman” with RL Grime’s “Scylla,” which had the sold out crowd roaring with primitive dance moves and screams to cheer Vincent on through his outrageous set.

We had the opportunity to sit down with this young talent to explore his artistic background and see what exciting things he has planned for 2016. Read below! 

EDM NYC: Although you produce many trap songs, do you consider yourself a “trap artist?” 

Vincent: I don’t think I’m more of a “trap artist,” I want to be known as a musical artist. I want to be able to make all types of genres. I know that trap has been a strong suit, and that’s kind of been where music is leading into right now, but I want to be able to show that even with the new stuff that’s coming out- it’s starting to break away from just trap music. It’s kind of evolving into something more like more melodic and something a little bit bigger.

EDM NYC: Would you say it’s a little more future bass?

Vincent: Almost future bass, but even a little more away from that. You’ll be able to hear some of it tonight. I’m going to try to play some of that so you guys can get an idea of what it is. But it’s like a fusion of stuff. I’m trying to bring more musicality into it, and that’s what it’s always been. I want to make sure that we’re getting the fact that I played piano for 15 years and all of this other stuff that’s coming into play than just making song after song that will just be forgotten in 2 or 3 months after.

EDM NYC: What are 3 things you want your die hard fans to know about you?

Vincent: The first thing is that I’m bilingual! I speak French– like fluent French. I graduated high school with a French diploma. I talk to my mom in French all the time, and I know a bunch of family members always want to me to show that I know, and speak French all the time. Like my mom would start speaking and I’d be like, “No, mom, I don’t want to talk French, not this time!”

The second thing is that I wasn’t thrown into this [being a DJ]. I wasn’t from a big city, I didn’t come from a “musical background,” but I started playing piano and stuff like that, so I want to make sure people know that –even though it’s a long extrapolation- you can follow your dreams to do what you want to do. It wasn’t like I was given the tools to do all this; I researched as a kid, and I started this at like 14 or 15, and made sure that I was producing and learning all this stuff. Then I started putting it out when I was 17 or 18 years old, and then it started building and building. It wasn’t like it was just given to me. If you work hard for stuff, it will come. So I feel like that’s a little bit of my story.

And a third thing… My favorite food would be burgers! I eat them all the time!

EDM NYC: If you go to your high school reunion, do you think your old classmates would be surprised to see where you are now? 

Vincent: Yea! I talk to some of them from back home, and they’re always hitting me up like, “Dude this is insane and crazy that you could do this!” It’s really humbling to see that they can see it. I kind of get swept up sometimes in what we’re doing, and always pushing for what’s next, that I don’t take a second to sit back and realize like, “Yeah, all of this has happened up until now.” It’s like, “Yeah, this has all happened, and you got to take a second and relax!” Old friends that I used to grow up with, like kids that I went from like K-12 with, will hit me up and be like, “Yeah it’s amazing to see how you do this!”

EDM NYC: Do you ever invite family members to your shows? If so, what do they think of the music you produce and play?

Vincent: I don’t invite family and friends to shows, only because I can’t get my parents like, out into the states. So they won’t come to the states for shows, and I’ve only played one show in Vancouver in Canada. They wouldn’t fly out to the Vancouver show, but if I do play in Winnipeg, then they’d definitely come out! As far as my parent’s reaction to it, it’s like on and off. Like they say that they like it, but I think deep down inside they don’t think it’s music. So it’s kind of interesting. It’s a weird dichotomy. I’m just telling them, “I’m making this, this is happening,”and they’re kind of just accepting. Now that it’s starting to grow and grow, and I’m doing a little bit more, they’ll show everyone else, because they’re proud of it. But I don’t know if they like the music per se.

12998322_10154694342250606_7741160771107741829_oPhotography by Webster Hall

EDM NYC: What is a challenge about tour life that you did not expect when starting your career?

Vincent: Long nights! Very long nights! I did not know that you would play from like 1:30-3:00, you go home with a headliner who is now a good friend, and then you don’t even wake up- you just stay up from 3:00 to 4:00 and just talk with these other producers, and then you realize, “Okay well I have to go back to my hotel room, shower, rinse off,” and to be at the door at 4:15 to get to my flight at like 5:00 to go home at 7:00 in the morning.

EDM NYC: So you don’t sleep?

Vincent: You don’t sleep. It’s not even like partying, I don’t drink before sets. I drink obviously, but not even before my set. Before my set I have a rule that I will not drink because I want to make sure that I’m focused and ready for my sets. It’s yet to happen where I have a drink while I’m doing a show. I’ve never drink during a show or before. I always try to focus on what’s going on, so you just realize that nights end up getting long. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a good time or like partying or whatever; nights are just long regardless.

EDM NYC: Do you have any festival stops planned ahead this summer – or are you allowed to tell us? 

Vincent: Not that I can say, that’s pretty much where I have to leave it!

EDM NYC: In your opinion, who are some producers on the scene who you believe are changing the EDM landscape?

Vincent: Oooh my god! There’s a bunch! There’s this guy from Australia called “Swindail.” He was just recently in the US, I got to meet him. He’s like really really humble, makes crazy trap-future hybrid type stuff. It’s very minimal, but it’s amazing. There’s another kid named “Herzeloyd” – I believe he’s from Australia. He does some really amazing stuff. It’s very well thought out and it’s complex, but it’s still very simple at the same time.

EDM NYC: Which trilogy are you the most down with: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or The Matrix?

Vincent: As a kid I didn’t really watch movies, so I just within the last 2 months watched all of Star Wars. Star Wars was great, and The Matrix was great too, but I would have to go with Star Wars.

EDM NYC: Which DJ or producer do you think you could beat in a thumb war?

Vincent: I would say Julio, only because I know I could try and make him laugh, so he wouldn’t be concentrated!


– By Liz Tillman 

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