Point Blank – Week 5 – Publishing and Copyright


Last week at Point Blank it was all about Publishing and Copyrights. These are incredibly important aspects of the music industry that is often overlooked by a newcomer. It often trips people up when it comes to ‘who controls what?’, meaning ‘which companies and individuals look after which intellectual property rights?’ It’s also this concept, intellectual property, that is the very foundation of the music industry. Intellectual property refers to items that can be owned but are not tangible ‘things’, like a car or a house. Examples of intellectual property could be the design of a logo, the lyrics to a song, the lines of code in a computer program. All of these things can be owned but they are not things that you can hold

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or touch and say ‘this belongs to me’. Confusingly, there are also aspects of intellectual property that include tangible objects, such as the image encapsulated within a work of art. It is very clear who owns the painting in most cases, but what about the right to reproduce the image, such as by scanning it and sending it across the internet? The law has a lot to say on this topic… So, going into more depth there was discussion on Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Profit, Opportunity Cost, Tax, Cashflow and more. It was truly a great week in understanding more of the legal side to things. ~Michelle for EDMNYC    


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