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1917441_1361387563886901_2658393956014336426_nVasiliki Karagiorgos, simply known for her stage name VASSY is an Australian singer and songwriter. She was discovered back in 2003 after winning Australian radio station Triple J’s Unearthed talent contest. Her single “We Are Young” reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs. In 2014, she featured on the song “Bad” by David Guetta and Showtek, which quickly reached number 1 in many countries and she later won the IDMA Award for Best Featured Vocalist in 2015. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with her during WMC. EDMNYC: Thursday night (3/17) you were performed with

Tiesto at LIV. How was that? VASSY: It was awesome. It was a packed house. We performed Secrets. It was kind of like the one year anniversary of it because last year was when we first performed it. It was #1 on beatport rather quickly and a year later it’s been #1 in over 33 countries and we’ve had over a million downloads. Now all the fans know the song and when I came out acapella everyone just flipped on the first word and started singing, which was such a great feeling. Later on in the night we performed our new song, “Nothing To Lose.” EDMNYC: How did you get involved with singing and EDM? VASSY: I’ve always known I’ve wanted to do music from a very young age. I had a bit of a difficult path getting into music though. It was a challenge, but finally I figured out how to maneuver through and I found my way. This whole EDM thing was actually an organic accident, but it’s been awesome. The community has embraced me so well and I feel so blessed. The record I did with David Guetta, “Bad” became an anthem and did so well. People started to sing it around the world and embraced me and now here I am. I’ve been an artist for a few years now. I put out two albums and now I’m working on my own solo project. EDMNYC: That’s how some of the best things happen though, when it falls into your lap. You say this was an “organic accident.” How did it happen? VASSY: “Bad” was definitely the breaking point of everything. I wrote that song a while ago and I never thought it would become that particular anthem within the EDM community. So that was the catalyst. Before that people knew of me

and I had a few # 1’s on the Billboard Dance Charts. My music had also been on a lot of tv shows and films, but “Bad” just kind of took off and then “Secrets” was right after, so I can only hope that the next single does the same. EDMNYC: What do you have in store for us in 2016? VASSY: I have a new record with Tiesto that we’re going to put out soon. We will actually be performing it tonight. I’m finishing my solo project right now and I have a couple other collaborations with some pretty big DJs as well. EDMNYC: How is it working with Tiesto? VASSY: It’s so cool. He’s super down to earth and just a chill guy. Easy to work with. EDMNYC: How do you enjoy the constant travel and being away from family, friends and loved ones? VASSY: Traveling becomes part of the job so you just get used to it. EDMNYC: In your spare time, whenever you have it, what do you like to do? VASSY: I love nature. I enjoying being outdoors, going to parks, the ocean and just anything that has to do with nature. What can I say, it’s the Australian in me. Thanks so much for sitting and chatting with us VASSY! We loved seeing you perform. For anyone who missed it, check out Tiesto’s set below. Also, check out VASSY’s latest single with Benny Benassi

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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