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Leaving a mark on charts, dance floors and music enthusiasts around the world, Dutch born, Australian raised MaRLo has established himself as the #1 Trance DJ in Australia. From Beatport #1’s to headlining some of the most sought after dance events in the world, MaRLo takes influences from Trance, Tech-Trance, Hard Trance and Big Room to form his own sound, so unique it has been dubbed ‘The MaRLo Sound’ by his loyal, and vocal fan base worldwide!

Besides his set at Ultra on Sunday, MaRLo played at Icon with Armin Van Buuren on Wednesday, 3/16 and then again at Mokai Sunday night. It’s crazy how he was still going after a 40 hour journey and being extremely jet lagged. Despite being exhausted MaRLo was still up for interviews!

EDMNYC: What can we expect from your Ultra set?

MaRLo: I have a lot of new stuff that people haven’t heard. I have also remade a lot of older tracks which I’m excited to showcase. I’ve done a remix of The Prodigy and a bunch of edits of other tracks.

EDMNYC: Any collaborations coming up this year?

MaRLo: Yeah, I’m working on a collaboration with Armin, which I’m pretty excited about and I’m working with a couple of vocalists as well. One is a girl named Chloe from Sydney and another girl named Emma Chap from Perth. Emma is still relatively unknown, but I think she is going to be huge.

EDMNYC: If you had a few days off from music, touring and traveling, what would you do?

MaRLo: I would spend it with my wife and dog. Go to the dog beach and just relax.

EDMNYC: I was going to ask how it is to be away from your wife while you travel, but it seems she travels with you.

She was right in the room during our interview, so we asked her some questions as well. They are so adorable together!

EDMNYC: Jano, do you travel with your husband often?

Jano: No, because I have my own job back in Australia so I can’t go to everything, but we try to plan it out best we can. Last year was really crazy though because we spent a lot of time apart. I counted about 150 days in total. So, we have set a rule that it can’t be more than two weeks away from each other. If he’s gone for longer than two weeks then I will go with him for at least part of it.

EDMNYC: That has to be extremely difficult, especially if you plan to start a family sometime soon. Is that in the cards?

MaRLo: I would love to start one. Obviously when that happens I would be a bit more selective on the shows I would play. I would probably spend more time in the studio. I think a family would make me more productive in the studio.

EDMNYC: Any time soon on the family plan?

MaRLo: We don’t know yet. Haha. She isn’t currently pregnant if that’s what you are getting at.

Jano: It’s really funny that the girls are asking those questions. No one else has really asked.

EDMNYC: What do you do back in Australia Jano?

Jano: I’m a promoter. I basically do a lot with trance music. Some things I handle are Stereo Sonic and Atlantis. Atlantis is a big trance dedicated festival, which MaRLo is the ambassador.

EDMNYC: Is that how you guys met?

MaRLo: No, actually we met in a mobile phone store. I was trying to make my music career happen and she was going to university. We’ve actually been together 11 years.

EDMNYC: 2016 is a new year, what can we expect from you?

MaRLo: I’m pushing this Tech-Energy type sound. It’s a mixture of hard trance, tech trance, uplifting and energetic, which is why I kind of called it Tech-Energy. It’s the sound I got into when I first started making music, so it’s just come full circle. That’s how it feels to me. I’m also planning to do my own shows in August. I’m starting with my own stadium shows in Australia, 4 hour sets, special visuals and production. If that goes well and gets a good response then I’ll start touring it overseas and internationally the year after that.

It was great to sit down and chat with MaRLo and his wife, Jano. Thank you!

In case you missed his set, give it a listen!

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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