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Often called ‘the new Armin van Buuren’, it’s no surprise that Andrew Rayel indeed found the support of the man himself. Having the number one DJ supporting his tracks on the world famous A State of Trance radio show has ever been a dream of Andrew. And sometimes, dreams come true. The trance scene has embraced Andrew’s refreshing sound and love to watch him grow year after year. It was a lovely surprise to see Armin and Andrew side by side during Andrew’s set on Sunday, 3/20 at Ultra.

EDMNYC: You are playing the Trance Stage on Sunday. What can we expect from your set?

Andrew Rayel: A lot of new songs since I’m working on my new album now. There are going to be tracks that I have already released, such as the first two singles of the album and a couple of ID tracks which are not really completely finished, but I’ll be testing them out to see how they work with the crowd.

EDMNYC: Is experimenting with new tracks during your set something that you do often?

Andrew Rayel: Yes. If they work very well live, then that’s it. If not then I am going to need to change something about it or just delete them all together. It’s also great to bring new music to Ultra and not play the same old stuff. Obviously, I’m going to play my most famous tracks as well.

EDMNYC: Besides your Ultra set, what else do you have lined up for the week in Miami?

Andrew Rayel: Well yesterday (3/16), I went to Dash Berlin at SLS, Armin at Icon, and then I performed 4:30am-6am at E11even nightclub and now I’m here doing interviews. It’s been a pretty busy schedule so far and it continues on for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I’m flying out to California for Beyond Wonderland because I am replacing Paul van Dyk due to his injury. Then I’ll be back for Ultra for my set on Sunday and my own show, Find Your Harmony, at Mokai club.

EDMNYC: That is an intense schedule. When do you sleep?

Andrew Rayel: I sleep on the planes. I’ll be fine though. I’m young and beautiful! 🙂

EDMNYC: How is Paul van Dyk doing by the way?

Andrew Rayel: It’s weird because they didn’t really release much information. All they said on his Facebook page  was that he is going to be able to recover completely, but he just needs more time. Insomniac asked me nicely to fill in for him and since we are very good friends I couldn’t say no.

EDMNYC: What about your personal life? Are you dating? Do you have a girl friend?

Andrew Rayel: Yeah. I have a girlfriend back at home. She is studying so she couldn’t come

EDMNYC: How long have you guys been dating?

Andrew Rayel: It’s almost about a year. I knew her from school. It’s a bit difficult to be away from each other, but thank for for Facebook and FaceTime. I still go back home about every month to see her though.

EDMNYC: In your spare time when you are not traveling or creating music, what do you like to do, besides see your girlfriend?

Andrew Rayel: Just chill, watch movies, play ping pong and eat a lot chocolate.

EDMNYC: Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Andrew Rayel: All sorts of chocolate. I would eat chocolate all the time if I could. I would drink chocolate, I would breathe chocolate, I would sleep with chocolate. Anything you want with chocolate.

He also loves Yoo Hoo (there was on sitting on the table during our interview hehe).

EDMNYC: 2016 is a new year and a new beginning. What can we expect from you?

Andrew Rayel: Well, my main focus is my album. I’m hoping to have that completed and dropped by the end of the year. After that there will be touring related to the album.

We had a great time getting the chance to catch up with Andrew. If you missed his set make sure you take a listen below.

~Michelle for EDMNYC


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